Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich

Level 0

The Global Logistics Centre was built in 1987 and easily handles volumes of more than 1,200 orders per day.  In this innovative facility, we receive and process goods from around the world. The finished industrial components are then distributed to our wholly owned subsidiaries and exported directly to customers in over 50 countries.

Angst+Pfister is often used as an extension to our customers’ manufacturing facility, providing not only high quality finished industrial components, but also sub-assemblies ready for installation.  This includes the fabrication of complete steam, food quality, drinking water or chemical-resistant hose lines. Fitting together more complex groups that include components from across our product range is also part of our daily business.

Commissioning of items is carried out quickly and efficiently with the aid of our state-of-the-art automated conveyor system that manages over 34,000 boxes and 90,000 smaller units. In addition, over 15,000 pallets are kept in a 20m tall warehouse that contains another 22,500 sub-units. The dimensions and weights of all articles are electronically checked before being entered into stock to simplify picking, packing and shipping.

Packing and Shipping
As the result of its high stock availability and lean processes, Angst+Pfister is able to service your ever-shorter production cycles and to deliver to destinations throughout Europe within 48 hours.  With just-in-time and Kanban supply chain solutions, Angst+Pfister reduces its customers’ inventory costs and thus improves their working capital.  On Time Delivery (OTD) for each customer is closely monitored and based on individually agreed delivery windows.
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