Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich

Level 1
Drive Belt Production

APSOdrive® manufacturing capabilities for custom-made timing belts and assembly of taper locks, couplings and sprockets match exactly our customers’ technical specifications.  Using the highest quality materials, expertise and processes, Angst+Pfister produces prototypes and small batch items within 24 hours.

Cutting / Welding: Width and length to specifications

Welding of ASSIWELL® Metal Hose Lines

Production of customized metal hoses with valves and fittings in accordance f.e. with the railway industry’s strictest standards (EN-15085-2). Mechanized welding capabilities for series production and fully certified highly skilled operators for fast prototypes and small batch production within 48 hours.

Mechanized Welding: Diameter 8mm to 100mm
Marking: Customer-specific text – Part Numbers
Testing: Pressure & leak test (water 1-200 bar)
  Helium leak detector, PTV and further tests – on request

Hydraulic and Tetraflex® Hose Production

Complete Hydraulic and Tetraflex® Hose production capabilities for the most critical applications with highly skilled operators specialized in fast prototypes and small batch production for delivery within 48 hours.  

Form Pressed: Diameter to specifications
Hydraulic Pressed: Diameter to specifications
Testing: Pressure (water 50-1000 bar)
  Working pressure, PTV and further tests – on request

Gas Spring Filling Station

Angst+Pfister stocks a complete range of standard bolted eye and ball joint gas springs that can be filled according to our customers’ exact pressure specifications for series production and small batches or single units available within 48 hours.

Gas Springs: Length 106mm – 1130mm
Force Spectrum: 50 – 2,000 N

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