Angst+Pfister AG
Thurgauerstr. 66
CH-8052 Zürich

Prototyping and Samples

In the development process, Angst+Pfister can save our customers time not only by creating prototypes, but also by manufacturing pilot series. Additionally, we provide declarations of conformity with a wide variety of industry regulatory norms and leading specific certifications, including:

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Angst+Pfister’s state-of-the-art Swiss production facilities perform at the highest quality a variety of value-adding manufacturing steps, such as:

- pre-assembly production
- contour cutting and stamping
- machining of semifinished products into finished components
- exactly calibrating gas springs
- TIG/plasma welding to manufacture metal hose assemblies
- precisely pressing fittings onto hoses
- welding polyurethane toothed belts