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APSOplast® – Technologie des matières plastiques
APSOplast® TechGuide (only in DE and EN)
Another great news for our customers: the new APSOplast® TechGuide has arrived! A great technical tool  based on the wide Angst+Pfister experience in engineerin...
APSOplast® - Produits semi-finis
PE-UHMW ED FG as prevention of electrostatic cha..
Uncontrolled electrostatic discharges caused by friction in connection with industrial plastics can lead to significant production damage in sensitive productio...
Matieres plastiques techniques APSOplast®

Lesmatières plastiques trouvent leur application dans les domaines les plus divers.
L’innovation et les avancées technologiques leur ouvrent sans cesse ...

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APSOplast® Flash - Halbzeuge
Engineering Plastic Technology - KT Flash Halbzeuge
APSOplast® - Pièces finies
Shrink hose flame retardant to reduce toxic emis..
In areas that are specifically sensitive to safet y, toxic pollutant emissions in the event of a fire must be minimised as far as possible, for example in tunne...
1 - 5 / 5