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APSOseal® - O-ringen
APSOseal® O-ringen

Omvang: 8 pagina's

This brochure gives a short overview over NORMATEC® O-Rings, HITEC® O-Rings, High Performance O-Rings and Precision O-Rings. Diffe...

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O-Rings basic catalog

Scope: 270 pages

Comprehensive presentation of the technical fundamentals of O-Rings, detailed information on materials characteristics, dimensions, ...

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High Performance O-Rings

Scope: 36 pages

A comprehensive overview of the range of high performance O-Rings, with detailed information on use, basic materials, relevant indust...

HITEC® O-Rings

Scope: 24 pages

A comprehensive overview of the range of HITEC® O-Rings, including the HITEC® Watch-O-Ring assortment, with information on industrial...

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Scope: 8 pages

A comprehensive overview of the range of NORMATEC® O-Rings, giving detailed information about relevant industrial standards, basic mat...

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Precision O-Rings

Scope: 12 pages

Precision O-Rings are specifically made for the needs of the customers. The brochure gives information about which needs can be consi...

Angst+Pfister X-Ring

Scope: 19 pages

Extensive overview of the A+P assortment of A+P X-Rings with detailed information about materials, standards and tolerances. Their us...

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