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Instructions for your application
Recruiting Process

In general, our recruitment process takes place as follows:

  • We receive the application
  • An initial screening of the documents takes place
  • Should the requirements of the job profile be in line with your application, an initial interview is arranged
  • In general, you will complete a short English test
  • A personality profile is created via an online test. This provides support in assessing the candidate
  • In most cases, a second interview is arranged so that the parties can get to know each other better personally and an “open day” is organized on which the candidate can get to know our company and the relevant team, and become familiar with the work
  • We ask the candidates to name references
  • The candidate’s documents, the interviews and the profile have made a positive impression and we prepare an offer that is sent to the candidate
  • If an agreement is reached between both parties, the contract is signed
  • An individualized onboarding program is prepared

Speculative Application

Do our profiles in the advertised job offers not correspond to your ideas or the objectives your are pursuing?

Would you, however, like to become part of One Angst+Pfister and contribute with your expertise and a high level of commitment to our company?

Feel free to send us your application documents with a cover letter explaining the specific role you see yourself performing at our company to

We will be happy to evaluate what opportunities could be available for you at our company.



With our multi-day onboarding program, we offer our new employees training that is tailored to their job function.

The introductory days are accompanied by a framework program that helps the new employees familiarize with the company philosophy and culture of the Angst+Pfister Group and allows the employees to get to know colleagues from other departments and countries and engage in dialogue with our managers.

We believe that with our targeted and comprehensive familiarization phase we can offer our employees an optimum introduction to the Angst+Pfister world. In the process, we ourselves obtain valuable pieces of advice and feedback from the new employees.

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