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We laten het werken! Sterke partnerschappen en technische capaciteiten creëren waarde

Chief Technology Officer at Angst+Pfister

Dear Customer,

It’s said that every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. There is no doubt that we are all missing “real” customer contact – and face-to-face contact is very important to us. But, we are also making the most of this time to look inwards and continue to make changes – for the benefit of our customers, of course. We want to stay ahead of the game as new trends emerge in your markets.  

As digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are ushered in, we are operating at the forefront with Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power and new solutions. That’s why our 2022 magazine is dedicated to sensor technology and electrification. Read, for example, how we use gas sensors to record and regulate air quality to make food last longer and make sure less of it is wasted! Learn how, in an effort to reduce exhaust emissions, we are also making electric motors for industrial applications attractive for SMEs and small companies! 

We are fast amalgamating sensor technology with our traditional materials expertise. Together with eminent Swiss research institutions, we are developing new smart technologies: "Sensing materials” allow, for example, our components to signal when their service life actually is coming to an end, keeping them in use even longer. Working with electroactive polymers as "artificial muscles" is no longer a distant dream for us. We are on the ball and investing more.  

Developments like these make us more attractive as an employer. We want to continue having leading experts among our number. That's why we maintain professional contact with colleges and universities and also integrate aspiring engineers into our projects. Their ideas today sow the seeds for exciting development projects in our teams.  

The introduction of high rpm electric engines for cars has upped the demands made on antivibration technology. In turn, to continue to guarantee excellent engine insulation, we have developed innovative products on new test rigs with advanced software. We are also constantly on the move in production technology – most recently incorporating computer-aided tool design: We have been simulating the flow of elastomers while viscosity, pressure and temperature constantly change. In this way we reduce development timeframes and optimise the process.  

Our motto is “never stand still” when it comes to global approvals for our products. Recently, we also broadened our expertise in the sustainable recycling economy and corresponding approvals. 

We have also expanded our Sm@rt Engineering to make sure that all customers benefit from the latest knowledge: Our employees have access to a central engineering information platform for their digital meetings, live streaming videos and online workshops. This is where experts from the whole Angst+Pfister group pool and increase their expertise and skills. Despite the pandemic, we are delivering even better solutions for our customers in a really agile and efficient way - and flying less often.  

One or two of these developments are featured in this magazine. And hopefully it will not be too long before I can tell you about others when we finally get together face to face. I am looking forward to it.  

Erich Schmid 

Chief Technology Officer