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“Laspar Angst+Pfister” is now “Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions”: Another step has been taken towards integrating the research and development centre in Turkey. The state-of-the-art facility in Bursa has become a vital cog for Angst+Pfister with expertise in high-end rubber-metal components and a location conveniently close for the automotive and rail industries. It stands out from the crowd due to its unparalleled value for money, fast-paced development projects and innovative environment as demonstrated by the success story with automotive supplier SEG Automotive.

Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions A.S. in Bursa, Turkey was established under the name Laspar in 1982. The facility came into the ownership of the Angst+Pfister Group in 2013 and since 2016 has operated the group’s global research and development centre. Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions additionally is an important hub for the whole company for rubber-metal components, and for the automotive industry, which has a strong presence in Turkey. Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions also serves many customers in the rail business. The focus is on high-end products in sealing and antivibration technology.


Custom rubber-metal components

Closeness to the automotive industry in Bursa, excellent production conditions and the highly-specialised, application-focussed research and development engineering team make Turkey an ideal location. As already mentioned, the employees are highly-skilled in the design, development and manufacture of customised, high-performance elastomer parts with  rubber  and  metal  components.  


This includes:

• inhouse development of application-related and application-oriented compounds (also with fire protection)

• FEM simulation of rubber-metal components, design optimization and new developments

• design, manufacture and simulation of tools and moulds

• surface treatments as corrosion protection

• vulcanization process and corresponding application of adhesion promoter

• refinement and finishing (surface treatment, calibration, deburring and final inspection)

• as well as assembly and logistics.


Throughout, Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions never loses sight of customer requirements in cost, quality and scheduling. 


SEG relies on Angst+Pfister

The  seals project for the automotive  sup-plier SEG Automotive was a typical project in which Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions could highlight its expertise. The company is at the forefront of shaping technological advances in efficient and durable starter motors and generators. Its focus is on innovation, development capabilities and meeting the highest of quality requirements. Angst+Pfister was commissioned to reduce the noise level of a generator by means of new seals. Further requirements were to guarantee a long service life and ensure performance at high temperatures. “To do this we introduced alternative rubber compounds; we proposed several different designs and performed finite element analyses – everything was very customer specific,”says Selçuk Hocaoğlu, Vice General Manager / Sales & Marketing at Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions. Within no time at all prototypes had been produced and tested. Ultimately the product delivered was the optimum product. Since then Angst+Pfister has been the go to partner for seal solutions.

Experience, expertise, infrastructure and alliances

There are currently 300 employees in Bursa working on a site totalling  15,000  square  metres  for customers  such as SEG Automotive. They produce annually around twenty million antivibration components and ninety million sealing components. This highly competent, passionate and youthful team has been operating under Angst+Pfister brand name since November 2017 – a name that stands for almost one hundred years of experience  in international markets. “That allows us to cooperate with world-renowned businesses,” remarks  Selçuk Hocaoğlu. The teams in Turkey not only have a vast amount of  knowledge, they are also masters of the equipment required to resolve   technical   problems  or  handle  ambitious  co-designs. Angst+Pfister also forged a strategic alliance in  2017  with TSF of Italy, a global market leader in the compounding sector: To do this, the entire production of rubber compounds was consolidated in Bursa. “This enabled us to modernise our production lines, add to our formulae and once again gain in know-how – including future market expectations.» 



Innovative research environment

All engineering and production facilities are under the same roof. Customers profit from exceptionally efficient processes, swift decision-making channels and the interaction of the technical teams. The employees in Bursa are well aware of what really matters to the companies in the automotive and railway industry. Moreover Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions is an accredited research and  development  centre  in  Turkey dedicated to innovative projects recognised by the government – and is frequently partnered by leading businesses in the automotive industry.  Consequently,  Angst+Pfister  Advanced Technical Solutions has been able  to  invest in additional personnel and technical infrastructure. The engineers are working non-stop on development projects and constantly acquiring new knowledge from which all customers benefit. “These are key factors that allow us to get things right the first time,” acknowledges Selçuk Hocaoğlu. That saves a lot of time - for Angst+Pfister and the customer: In-house prototyping allows a delivery time of five to six weeks – following the technical specifications of the customer. The major advantage of the products of  Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions is  the value for money in engineering and production. This is supported by flexibility, passion, speed and a proactive approach to all phases of a project. For example, Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions could be called to  work  on  a product  design  that  reduces  weight while maintaining   mechanical properties and  finely-tuned  parameters. In other words: Customer specifications are met with cost and weight reductions  without altering the product geometry.


Success through customer focus

The engineers at the headquarters in Zurich or  other  regional  subsidiaries  who  work  on  site  at  customer premises  provide  the  interface.  “Intensive  collaboration  in  the  development phase is an absolute necessity to design a successful product, » says Selçuk Hocaoğlu. 


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published: 18 aug. 2020 10:33:00  by: Angst+Pfister Group