Angst+Pfister Voices


Michael Strand
Continuous Improvement Engineer, O.L. Seals

«I love all my new challenges in the sealing business and the cooperation with my skilled colleagues.»

Before joining O.L. Seals at Angst+Pfister, I worked as a PTA technician at CFT Gears. CFT is a small, low-volume gear manufacturing family company. My primary tasks were to support production by programming the CNC machines, machine-settings and production methods – in addition, I was involved in CAD construction, tool development, design and technical support for the customers. I was the link between sales, logistics, key account managers and production. Over the 8 years at CFT, I gained solid technical experience in manufacturing and gearboxes. I started at O.L. Seals in March 2020 as a continuous improvement engineer. As part of the technical team, it is my job to ensure that our production runs smoothly. I work daily with ISO and Quality aiming at achieving continuous improvement. I also provide our production departments with technical drawings, our customers with test drawings, and maintain our master data in the ERP system.

My many years of experience as a CNC and PTA technician have been in the metal industry, so the sealing industry, sealing design and soft Teflon materials are still quite new to me. But this new world fascinates me, and my learning curve is still steeply upward. I am highly motivated to solve technical problems and work with manufacturing processes. I love all my new challenges in the sealing business, and really enjoy working with my skilled colleagues – and always try to meet them with a smile and a calm mind. At O.L. Seals, no two days are the same.


Kubilay Sancakzade
Project Manager
Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions A.S.
«Being in contact with customers, the broad network, team management and taking part in all processes are all important aspects of my work and why I like my job so much.»

Before I joined Angst+Pfister in 2009, I worked as a production engineer at Warmhaus International between 2008 and 2009. From 2014 to 2018, I held the position of project executive and since 2018 I have been working as project manager. In my current job I manage the project team responsible for automotive, railway and industrial projects. I work in line with the project management methodology designed to achieve successful project delivery. My responsibilities include developing the project scope and objectives to ensure technical feasibility, and to engage all the stakeholders in the project. I also handle overall quality management and planning coordination, coordinate project team activities within a given budget and schedule, and am responsible for coordinating supplier activities for the project phase and customer process. In addition, I define solutions based on the customer’s stated requirements and am lead for technical-commercial answers to RFQs. Last, but not least, I deal with the system audits at the production site. Being a project manager gives me a wider perspective allowing me to take responsibility in all processes and work within a larger network. This is crucial to be able to foresee and forestall potential problems – and to launch projects confident that they will be ‘first time right’. In summary : being in contact with customers, the broad network, team management and taking part in all processes are all important aspects of my work and why I like my job so much. I have been working at Angst+Pfister for 12 years now – my first long-term job. In those 12 years, Angst+Pfister and I have developed together, so Angst+Pfister feels like family to me.

Being part of the Angst+Pfister family is very valuable for me, because here we are all customer oriented, and we work in a wide range of markets all around the world. In this way, our network is extended, and a challenging environment is created within the company.


Enrico Koggel
Product Application Engineer Sealing Technology, 
Angst+Pfister The Netherlands

«Try learning something new every day because you might be using it tomorrow.»

Before working for Angst+Pfister, Enrico was a mechanical engineering trainee (2013-2017) and worked his way up to become a technical sales engineer at Plasma Service where he could support customers in the field with technical solutions for worn or broken machine parts. At Angst+Pfister, Enrico joined Internal Sales, followed by a trainee program to become a product application engineer. In this role, he supports customers in the development of sealing solutions by leading the design, prototype and production phases while ensuring that all requirements are met throughout the project.

Known for his enthusiasm, Enrico enjoys putting his network and acquired knowledge to the test, which has resulted in the successful acquisition of large projects with clients from a variety of industries. He loves to work in challenging conditions – as evidenced by the number of projects he manages. Besides that, he is specialising in Rapid Prototyping, to shorten the design validation process. “It gives me great satisfaction to make use of all the capabilities we have, in convincing the customer to engage us at the early stages and then develop a great product with them. Doing so in a strong international team has been a dream for me.”


Mélanie Delonca
Head of Business Development Drive Technology,
Angst+Pfister Switzerland
«I have the opportunity to work with passionate people every day. Drive Technology is a family within a family.»

After 6 years as a PhD mechanical engineer in research at CERN, Mélanie joined Angst+Pfister in 2018 as a product application engineer in Drive Technology. In this role, her main tasks were to support and advise customers in finding the best technical solution for their applications. After one and a half years of working on exciting projects, Mélanie took over the responsibility of Head of Business Development in Drive Technology with the mandate of providing effective support to enable continuous growth of the department through production capability development and a global focus of the sales team throughout the world.

“I have the opportunity to work with passionate people every day. Drive Technology is a family within a family. We are given strong support from the Angst+Pfister Group in developing new product competencies to better serve the market. At the same time, we continuously support each other across the globe, benefiting from each other’s knowledge, meaning we can deliver considerable added value for our customers, leading to innovative yet cost-effective solutions. Today – together – there is no challenge we cannot tackle.”