Introducing APSOcork HWR: The Ultimate Solution for High-Wear-Resistant Timing Belt Coating

Are you seeking a game-changing solution for timing belts in demanding industries like glass, ceramics, and metal processing? Look no further! Angst+Pfister's APSOcork HWR is a cutting-edge, high-performance PU-bounded coating designed to revolutionize your applications.
Key Features:
✅ Unrivaled Durability: APSOcork HWR is engineered to meet the toughest demands of automation technology, making it perfect for applications such as grinding, cutting, polishing, tempering, edge processing, and sharp-edge product conveying.
✅ Unique Cork-Rubber Hybrid: This innovative coating combines the flexibility, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance of rubber with the damping, cutting, and self-sealing capabilities of synthetic cork.
✅ Extreme Performance: With no water absorption and the ability to withstand high temperatures, APSOcork HWR is a reliable choice in challenging environments.
✅ Available in brown-black color with standard thickness options from 1 mm to 6 mm and a hardness of 60° Shore A, it ensures consistency and performance.
✔ High temperature resistance (-20°C to +100°C, 120°C peak)
✔ Excellent abrasion and cutting resistance
✔ Unmatched flexibility and compressibility
✔ Exceptional bonding stability, even under high side forces
✔ Superior shock absorption in thickness >4mm
✔ Resistant to oils, grease, acids, and ozone
From glass and sharp metals transport to floor and flat sealing, APSOcork HWR provides a wide range of processing options. It is lightweight, cost-effective, and offers a substantial increase in product lifetime.
The Ultimate Coating Choice:
APSOcork HWR outperforms pure PU or PVC coatings in shock absorption and cut resistance. It's also more flexible than other high-temperature resistant options, making it the ideal all-in-one solution.
Tailored to Your Needs:
Selecting the right coating depends on various factors, including the properties of the transported item and required grip. APSOcork HWR offers the versatility you need to optimize your power transmission applications. If you have any questions or needs write to
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