PERTEC® UP EPDM 70.503-04

for sensitive applications in the food and beverage industry

Angst+Pfister has the answer for customers who want to sell their products
on the global food and beverage markets and rely on the corresponding
certificates – PERTEC® UP EPDM 70.503-04, a black 70 Shore
compound. With this outstanding new sealing material Angst+Pfister is
capable to produce O-Rings and Engineered Moulded Parts.

Constantly increasing demands on the purity of elastomers, especially
in the food and beverage sector, make it imperative to develop new
materials. In many countries, the so-called positive lists, which show what
manufacturers are allowed to mix into elastomers, are constantly being
tightened. It is very demanding to find a balance between permitted
substances, the required good mechanical and thermal properties and

The material development engineers at Angst+Pfister have now succeeded
in developing a high-purity EPDM material whose formulation fulfils
the most important positive lists worldwide like for example America,
South America, China and all European Countries, where the corresponding
conformities will be available.

If you would like to know more about this exceptional sealing material or
would like to be informed about the availability
of the relevant food certificates, please contact us at

published: 1 lip 2022, 09:57:00  by: expert insights