Besserer Service zu niedrigeren Kosten

In der Regel werden die Ingenieure von Angst+Pfister zur Ausarbeitung von Lösungen beim Kunden mit einbezogen. Die CFT Group in Parma hatte sich zum Ziel gesetzt, den Lieferservice für Ersatzteile an ihre Kunden effizienter zu gestalten. Zu diesem Zweck wurde von den Anwendungstechnikern von Angst+Pfister Italien zusammen mit dem Logistikzentrum von Angst+Pfister eine Lösung entwickelt, die erhebliche Kosteneinsparungen beim Auftraggeber generiert.

Several major Italian gastronomy products originate from the Parma region of Italy. But that is not all. The CFT Group is the leading global manufacturer of food processing and packaging machines, and as such lends the traditional agriculture image of this region an industrial dynamic. "Our customer manufactures individual machines and entire factory systems – and it all began with processing equipment for tomato sauce," recounts Alessandro Rugiero. He works as a sales & marketing manager for Angst+Pfister in Italy.  

Sealing technology for the food industry

Angst+Pfister has long been a supplier of O-rings for the machines of the CFT Group. These products are made of FDA certified compound and produced with certified production processes in order to ensure compliance with the particularly high standards of the food industry. The aggressive acids used in food processing mean machinery has to be overhauled regularly and overstressed parts replaced – as soon as the time of year allows. The CFT Group customers do this themselves on-site. They receive the replacement parts by delivery, including among other parts the Angst+Pfister O-rings.  

Outsourcing to the Angst+Pfister Global Logistics Centre

The replacement parts are delivered in a bag as a kit set. "The CFT Group wanted to improve its service," says Mauro Delù. As a Sales Application Engineer at Angst+Pfister, he was responsible along with Alessandro Rugiero for tackling the project. "It was really important that we tuned in to the customer to hear what they needed." At the end of the day, this was going to be a logistics solution, not a technical one. And of course the price had to be right. Alessandro Rugiero and Mauro Delù essentially proposed to the customer that the kits should be packed at Angst+Pfister’s Global Logistics Centre. This would mean that the supply chain of the replacement parts could be optimised to the extent that the kits could be at the customers’ premises between seven to ten days after ordering. "Speed is very important to us and Angst+Pfister is organised around that requirement," says Enrico D’Asaro, Spare Parts Manager, CFT Group


Working together towards quality

"Our Global Logistics Centre has a modern, automated packing machine,” says Alessandro Rugiero. It fills the bag with the smaller replacement parts whereas the larger parts are still packed by hand. "We began this project with 18 different kits - each kit containing between ten and fifty individual products. After little more than a year, in the second stage of the project, our aim is to be even more efficient," says Mauro Delù. The objective is to reduce the complexity even further with a limited number of higher-level kits which can then contain various sub-kits. The result of these changes will be a further improvement for CFT to the total cost of ownership – that is all the direct and indirect costs of the process. The Angst+Pfister Global Logistics Centre provides modern logistics and warehousing services such as customized “safety stocks” or supply chain management – equipping customers with the best, fastest and most efficient solutions.  

"The whole thing is regulated by a framework agreement with CFT," adds Alessandro Rugiero. The kits are tagged with a code and sport the logos of the CFT Group and Angst+Pfister. It’s proving very popular with CFT’s customers: "The kits are put together by two global market leaders whose names both stand for quality," says Enrico D’Asaro of the CFT Group.

«Thanks to our automated logistics centre and service capabilities, we are also in a position to optimise the supply chains of our customers.»

Alessandro Rugiero, Head of Sales & Marketing, Angst+Pfister Italy


published: 20 lip 2020, 11:12:00  by: Angst+Pfister Group