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We are where people are

Maybe we met on your way to work when you boarded the train that takes you safely to your daily destination, maybe the quality of your morning coffee is ensured by our products, or maybe you got a sip of innovation from us when you drank water from the tap.


We build deep application expertise ​centered around elastomeric materials.


We innovate

Driven by technical excellence, we create value through efficient processes and innovative solutions. We are represented at 24 locations worldwide with over 300 engineers and 3 R&D centers dedicated to developing customized solutions.

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We develop

We build deep application expertise ​centered around elastomeric materials. Our services cover the entire spectrum from the selection of the most suitable materials to the design, production, testing and certification of our components.

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We build valued partnerships

We establish partnerships worldwide to ensure that we can provide you with the best resources at all times - to be your partner in making things work.

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We built up a global network

To ensure efficient processes and the best possible flexibility, we have established manufacturing capacities in more than 15 countries in 3 continents.

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Best in class Engineering: from the selection of materials to the delivery of components

Everything from a single source

Material Design & Compounding

From the selection to the development, testing and certification of state-of-the art high-performance materials

Engineering, Development & Testing

Customized solutions developed starting from deep knowledge of technical specifications and adopting state-of-the-art technology

Production & Customization

Global selection of the most efficient production capabilities, taking into consideration process efficiency, total costs and sustainability

Worldwide Support & Distribution

Serving customers with ​technical local presence ​across 3 continents and leveraging on a ​digital supply chain across the globe

We are determined to create a more sustainable future.

We see it as our unconditional duty to do our part to improve the lives of our employees and to have positive impacts on society and our planet. Therefore, we do everything in our power to assume social and environmental responsibility above and beyond what is expected.

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Proven and tested expertise

A small pump making a lot of din

In partnership with Franke, our innovation elevated coffee machines and brought magic to shared moments.

On a high-speed journey

Angst+Pfister's engineers earned BMW's trust by eliminating handlebar vibrations and setting new bushing standards for racing motorbikes.

When tradition meets engineering expertise

The traditional craftsmanship of Bruno Cattaneo, maker of high-quality alphorns, does not forgo O-rings to seal the instrument's three wooden pipe s ...

Work together, grow together

As market leader for silo semi-trailers in the Benelux countries, LAG today requires seals that are food approved, made with the best production method ...

O-rings in orbit

Students of the Swiss ARIS Space and Rocket Project looked to Angst+Pfister for seals in their bid to win an international rocket competition.

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