Antivibration Solutions

Silence and Stability
Our high-efficiency products suppress machine-generated vibrations and noise across industries, with tailored solutions for challenges in agriculture, construction machinery, transportation, and beyond, enhancing performance and extending application lifespan with cost-optimized precision.

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Working with Angst+Pfister means

Extensive Expertise and Application Know-How

  • Partnering with the Expertise of Angst+Pfister: We are a recognized specialist in antivibration solutions, with proven expertise in designing and implementing high-efficiency solutions for diverse industries.
  • Broad Range of Antivibration Products: Our solutions encompass mounts for mobile and static applications, buffers, rubber springs, bushings, leveling machine mounts, spring elements, and more. This diverse selection empowers customers to choose the most suitable insulation elements, integrating them seamlessly into systems during the initial design phase.
  • Advanced Technology for Vibration and Noise Suppression: Our offer includes advanced solutions for suppressing machine-generated vibrations and noise. Covering active insulation, passive insulation, and vibration elimination, it empowers customers to address issues at the source, enhancing performance and extending application lifespan.

How our solutions make the difference

Customized Antivibration Solutions

Our solutions represent cost-optimized, customized solutions for various antivibration challenges. Backed by extensive application know-how, our product solution elements address specialized problems in agriculture and construction machinery, special vehicles, trucks, trailers, railway, generators, compressors, and HVAC - We can help you with the elimination of unwanted noise and vibration.

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Our Key Industries we serve for Antivibration Solutions

Everything from a single source

From the choice of material to the delivery of components

Material Design & Compounding

From the selection to the development, testing and certification of state-of-the art high-performance materials

Engineering, Development & Testing

Customized solutions developed starting from deep knowledge of technical specifications and adopting state-of-the-art technology

Production & Customization

Global selection of the most efficient production capabilities, taking into consideration process efficiency, total costs and sustainability

Worldwide Support & Distribution

Serving customers with ​technical local presence ​across 3 continents and leveraging on a ​digital supply chain across the globe

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Based on our assortment we create and develop an individual solution for your application – or we even develop from scratch a high-performance part for your product to ensure quality & safety. For expert advice and customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, Angst+Pfister service offerings are your go-to resource in antivibration technology.

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