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  • Industrial professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Decision-makers looking to optimize industrial processes.
  • Engineers, managers, and specialists involved in industrial operations.
  • Anyone interested in leveraging innovative solutions to drive industrial success.



Angst+Pfister in the podcast Hö

on global requirements in the field of seals and elastomers

Lifetime and performance improvements

in LNG refueling hoses

Angst+Pfister in the podcast Hö

by Götze Armaturen KG

Regulatory compliance of sealing materials

Material resistance of sealing materials

Sealings for hydrogen applications

Sealing Solutions for Food, Beverages and Pharma Applications Webinar Thumbnail Sealing solutions for advanced

Food, Beverages and Pharma Applications

PERTEC Compound for Food and Beverage Application Webinar Thumbnail PERTEC® Compounds for Food and Beverage Applications

Future Lounge Thumbnail Improving Comfort of Stage V Tractors with High-

Performance Elastomers & Optimized Mount Design

O-Ring Part 1 Webinar O-Ring Webinar - Part 1:

The critical choice of material (French)

Pressure sensors webinar Pressure Sensors: Advantages & Disadvantages

of Digitalization and Signal Processing (German)

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