Mechanical drive technology overview: Pulley, belt and coupling

Mechanical Drive Solutions

Driving Innovation for Enhanced Performance
At Angst+Pfister, we take pride in leading the industry with our innovative legacy. Specializing in optimal drive solutions through standard and customized components, we ensure enhanced performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

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Working with Angst+Pfister means

Engineering Excellence and Rapid Execution

Angst+Pfister stands out in the industry with our engineering process and rapid execution capabilities:

  • Expertise along the Line: Our international engineering team offers comprehensive support, from technical advice to customized solutions and prototype development.
  • Global Production Platform: With production facilities in 15 countries, we provide a cost-effective and globally oriented environment, ensuring we meet quantity, logistic, and quality requirements.
  • Own Manufacturing Capabilities: Our ISO-9001:2008 certified facilities enable the production of custom-made timing belts and assembly of various components, with the ability to deliver prototypes and small batch items within 24 hours.

Expertise in specialties

Elevate precision with Angst+Pfister's special timing belts

We provide more than just mechanical drive solutions; it's a commitment to innovation, efficiency and customer success. In addition to a wide range of standard products, we specialized in developing special timing belts with advanced coatings to improve your processes. Our tailored solutions can elevate your machinery's performance to perfection.

Learn about the Mechanical Drive Fundamentals

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Unlock the Power of Synchronous and Friction Traction Drives – Explore Timing Belts, Chains, and Custom Solutions for Optimal Power Transmission and Motion Control.

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Based on our assortment we create and develop an individual solution for your application – or we even develop from scratch a high-performance part for your product to ensure quality & safety. For expert advice and customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, Angst+Pfister service offerings are your go-to resource in mechanical drive solutions.

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