Engineering plastics technology overview: Finished plastics and materials

Engineering Plastics Solutions

With a focus on quality and compliance, we specialize in producing plastic parts for various industries, including food and medical technology, backed by certifications such as GMP and FDA approvals.

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The ideal Processing Technique 

We supply parts according to your drawings, machined and ready-for-installation from all plastics of our company on CNC-controlled turning and milling machines. Our know-how, even for materials that are difficult to machine, ensures the production of tolerance-bearing parts. In addition, we provide complete assemblies including the corresponding installation.

Different finished plastics parts in various materials

GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) 

Plastics meets Food & Beverage

The Angst+Pfister Group was one of the first companies in the industry to be awarded with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate for the production of plastic parts for devices with food contact surfaces (EFCF) by the globally recognized DNV-GL Business Assurance Group. This certification applies specifically to the production of machined plastic parts and cuts from semi-finished plastics, which comply with EU 10/2011, and are intended for direct contact with food in food processing and packaging machinery and equipment.

For applications in the food industry and medical technology we offer all required product conformities and approvals such as FDA, EC 1935/2004; EU 10/2011, ISO 10993

Semi-finished plastics: Rods and plates in different plastics materials

The Right Plastic Product for Every Application

Materials Matter

Angst+Pfister has an extensive range of plastics that covers all the requirements needed in the market. We are particularly strong in the field of technical and high-performance plastics, such as PEEK, PAI, PEI or VESPEL, which are used primarily in the high-temperature range. But we also offer a wide range of fluoroplastics, especially PTFE, also known as Teflon. All relevant thermoplastics and duroplastics are also available from us in various forms.

If you are interested in deeper information on our sealing compounding consult our product lists:

Engineering plastics materials performance pyramide

Smooth Moves: Our Diverse Array of Bushings and Bearings

In this area we provide a large assortment of different bearing bushes with and without collar. Our standard range includes high-performance plastics such as galvanized PTFE, PTF HP108, modified PET-C variants and polyamide 66.

They are typically applied as axial-radial bearings for rough, low-wear operation (e.g. for lever and hinge bearings), as guides for rotating shafts in machine and vehicle construction, and also in dry running operation as electrically insulating bushings for flange bolts. Our bearing bushes are used for sliding, rotating, lifting or pivoting movements. The plain bearings can be used at low speeds in machines and constructions.

The ideal solution for use in mechanical and apparatus engineering, in drive technology and in vehicle construction, can be found in our range of plain bearings. 

Plastic bushings overview: grey, transparent and burgundy bushings made from different materials

Guide tapes are a perfect fit for backlash-free guidance of pistons and piston rods in hydraulics, as well as for cost and space-saving storage of lubricated pivots and shafts (e.g. for levers with swivel movements). With our high performance fluoroplastics there are no limits to the application. PTFE 225, PTFE 660, PTFE 904 offer many advantages such as a no stick-slip effect, extremely low coefficient of sliding friction, excellent chemical resistance and a wide temperature range. 

Our guide tapes are suitable for a very wide range of applications, such as for play-free bearing of shafts and pivots in chemical apparatus engineering. They can be used for slow rotational, swivel and lifting movements.

Black APSOplast® Guide Band in PTFE 225

Our foil bearings made of high-performance PTFE compounds offer an extremely low coefficient of sliding friction, high wear resistance, extreme high and low temperature resistance, as well as excellent chemical resistance.

Our foil bearings can be used as floating bearings in bore or shaft grooves, as very wear-resistant, clearance-free bearings for shafts, rods and trunnions, and of course much more. They are suitable for rotation and stroke movements in dry running conditions.

Red-brown bearing bush in PTFE HP 108

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