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Angst+Pfister is your partner in making things work. Our customer focus has led to the growth of our expertise. Whether you seek specific products, technical expertise, or project co-development, our experience and expertise are at your service.  

Our Vision & Mission

At Angst+Pfister, we are driven by a commitment to technical excellence and innovation. Our relentless pursuit is to create value for our customers by enhancing the efficiency and quality of our products and processes. Rooted in a people-powered ecosystem, our customers and suppliers form the heart of our endeavors. We build lasting relationships and trusted partnerships, guiding our customers to the right solutions for their needs. 

Trust is the cornerstone of Angst+Pfister. We infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and dedication to delivering on our commitments. Our agility and adaptability to evolving requirements define us as an organization. 

Vision and Mission


“We have to put our customers first. Always.”

Jacques Angst


A rich history of endurance and development:

Established in 1920 by Jacques Angst and Walther Pfister, we weathered the Second World War, emerging as a prominent name in the Swiss Industry. Over the years, our global footprint expanded, marked by strategic relocations, international subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, and Austria, and a constant commitment to quality.

In the year 2005, under the leadership of Christof Domeisen, we undertook a radical strategy adaptation, transforming into an international, digitalized company. Our engineering services and production capabilities evolved, fostering a unifying company culture across borders. Later, we have spread our wings further, establishing subsidiaries as well in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Poland, and entering the US and the Chinese market. Strategic alliances, acquisitions, and investments in high-tech production capabilities have propelled us into new and promising fields.


We are determined to create a more sustainable future.

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Collaborations to drive innovation

Innovation Park Dubendorf

Connecting great minds!

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich will bring together science and business to create a new platform for research, development, and innovation. In a unique ensemble of old and new buildings on the site of the Dübendorf airfield, the park will help to bring together the knowledge of Zurich's renowned universities and universities of applied sciences with the practical experience and market expertise of leading companies. Angst+Pfister has one of its R&D centers - our Innovation Lab - right where global technical innovation has its roots. 

Innovationspark Duebendorf


Value partnerships

We work closely with key associations within our industry to help drive development and innovation. We participate in experts’ tables, and we offer our knowledge and expertise for webinars or presentations at events for an ever-growing network. 



Promoting the future of engineering excellence

Angst+Pfister collaborates on various projects with several renowned universities - not only to research and develop materials but also to discover and nurture the potential of our future engineers. 

University ETH Zurich


Certified Quality

Your certified partner

The Angst+Pfister Group ensures consistent, high-quality technical components, production, innovative engineering and integrated supply chain management. Among many others, we are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for our Quality Management, and according to ISO 14001:2015 for our Environmental Management. 

All the quality certifications we can offer are available in our download area!


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