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Through sound advice and cooperative problem solving, we always find the best product for your application. 

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We are your qualified partner for engineering solutions, offering a wide range of high-performance components designed to meet your specific requirements the industry of your interest. Our commitment to prviding innovative solutions is reflected in our deep technical expertise and collaborative problem-solving approach.

Innovative Solutions for over a Century

Sealing Solutions

In the field of Sealing Technology, our developers have been a pioneering force for over 100 years. From our humble beginnings as a local Swiss company, we have evolved into a leading international provider of sealing solutions. Our extensive range of solutions includes Elastomeric Compounds, O-rings and Molded Solutions, Rotary & Linear Seals. As your innovation development partner, we guide you through the entire value chain – from application evaluation, material design, prototyping, testing, to series production and delivery.


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Reduce noise for optimal performance

Antivibration Solutions

Vibrations generated by machines and plants can be disruptive and, in some cases, even hazardous to health. Angst+Pfister addresses this challenge by offering a range of Antivibration Technology Products. By integrating the most suitable insulation elements during the initial design phase, we help counteract disturbances, ensuring optimal system performance.

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Comprehensive Product Segments to Meet Your Needs

Explore our solutions now, and discover how Angst+Pfister's components can make a significant difference in your applications. 

While our focus remains on Elastomeric Compounds -, O-Rings & Molded Solutions, Rotary & Linear Seals Solutions and Antivibration Solutions we don't stop there. Angst+Pfister is your go-to partner for a wide array of products, including Plastic Technology Solutions, ASSIWELL Hoses Solutions, Fluid Handling Solutions, Mechanical Drive Solutions, and Sensors and Power Solutions. Our goal is to provide industry-leading components that seamlessly merge into novel technologies, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership and accelerating the time-to-money process for our clients.

Engineering plastics technology overview: Finished plastics and materials Engineering Plastics Solutions

At Angst+Pfister, we stay ahead of the curve in Engineering Plastics Technology. We offer a comprehensive range of services for practically every applica ...

ASSIWELL hoses overview: ASSIWELL 066 1.4404 pipe DN 12 Metal Hose Solutions

Boost connectivity with ASSIWELL® metal hoses and stainless steel fittings, spanning -270°C to +600°C.

Fluid handling technology overview: FLEXILON and ASSIWELL hoses Fluid Handling Solutions

Discover tailored solutions and efficient components for diverse fluid applications, backed by expertise and a commitment to prompt delivery

Mechanical drive technology overview: Pulley, belt and coupling Mechanical Drive Solutions

Innovative design parts for enhanced performance, efficiency, and cost savings, backed by over 30 years of drive technology experience at Angst+Pfister

Sensors and Power Solutions