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Our origins shape us up to this very day

Two people - Jacques Angst and Walther Pfister – met and established a relationship and a business partnership in 1920. Today, after more than a century, we still believe that personal relations and people are the core of our success. So, we put great care to our most valuable element: our people. ​

Angst+Pfister is committed to provide the necessary tools and environments for our people to thrive. Despite all trends of digitalization and automatization, we carefully listen to our people, our candidates, and to our customers. Only then can we propose the best solution to their needs. ​

What is your dream? Talk to us! Let us know what your career ambitions are and together we will work on making your career in an exciting industrial environment come true!

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About you

Who are you and what do you want to be?

What can you be at Angst+Pfister?

Discover our different job profiles

Product application engineer job profile: employees showing off product samples to customers

The Product Application Engineer is one of our core roles …

Sales application engineer job profile: Customer meeting sitting on couch

No business without our Sales Application Engineer

Sales job profile: Employee working on stand-up desk on computer

The go-to person for customers and colleagues is our Sales Agent

Logistics job profile: employee working with forklift in warehouse

No product can be delivered without our reliable Logistics Employees

Group quotation and sourcing job profile: employee writing on whiteboard

How to get ahold of a product? Ask our Group Quotation & Sourcing Engineers!


About us

Open Communication Icon: Three people and a speech bubble with a check mark in it

Open communication

Team Icon: Group of people standing besides each other

A great team

Exchiling Challenges Icon: List with lines written on it

Exciting challenges

Family-Owned Business Icon: Four interconnected people

A family-owned business

Angst+Pfister Academy logo: Graduation cap

Angst+Pfister Academy

We are passionate

Our Angst+Pfister motto “One Company. One Passion. Our World Beyond” also applies to our employees. We want to provide our employees with all the necessary tools and systems to enable them to work successfully and passionately. This is especially important in challenging times like these, where remote-working is on the daily agenda. 

Angst+Pfister is at the forefront when it comes to working digitally - together in our teams and with our customers. Our new way of working enables flexibility and efficiency, without losing touch of each other. 

Get a sneak peak of our last digital internal event “Passionate Start into 2023” here!

Our core values

Core value technical excellence, innovation and problem solving: abstract illustration of head and a brain

Technical Excellence, Innovation & Problem Solving

We have deep knowledge about our products, and how to design, procure and deliver them to our customers. We are curious to explore new ideas and improve our methods constantly.

Core value respect and fairness: abstract illustration of two hands about to shake hands

Respect & Fairness

We work on a basis of mutual respect for our colleagues, our customers, and our surroundings. We are fair partners to all our counterparts.

Core value building relationships and teams: abstract illustration of arrow pointing upwards

Building Relationships & Teams 

We build strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. We work across functions, hierarchies, and geographies. We succeed only as a team.

Core value reliability and agility: abstract illustration of a ticked checkbox/batch

Reliabilty & Agility

We are responsive to inquiries of our customers and partners. We honour commitments. We adapt to our environment and requirements.

Core value efficiency: abstract illustration of a clock


We work in an effective and simple way. We reduce waste of resources and efforts. We seek to add value to our partners and ourselves.


Our locations

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APSOparts Online Shop Icon: Desktop that shows hand clicking on something




Angst+Pfister Academy

The Academy is a blended learning platform that provides a wide range of trainings during the onboarding and for personal development. Every Angst+Pfister employee can individually select trainings that cover their actual needs – independant from time and place.

Angst+Pfister academy: speaker showing notes on a whiteboard in meeting room

Your journey to Angst+Pfister

Application journey to Angst+Pfister - from application to probation period (English)


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