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We excel in quality and global reach, promoting diverse collaborations. Emphasizing work-life balance, Angst+Pfister Group provides stability, growth, and abundant learning chances for personal and professional success. 

The Voice of our Employees – why choose us? 

Innovate, Thrive, Grow. Everywhere. 

We asked our employees what they like the most about their jobs at Angst+Pfister. These are the most important features that were chosen by our employees - take a look at how Angst+Pfister makes a difference as an employer. 

“Angst+Pfister empowers you to drive innovation “

Innovation is the heartbeat of our culture, and you can feel its pulse in the passionate work of our employees. Like-minded candidates will feel at home! 

“Angst+ Pfister provides you with flexible working conditions“

We have implemented a flexible working model to embrace the future of work seamlessly. Our hybrid model guarantees a perfect balance between Home Office and personal exchanges. 

“We are internationally Swiss”

A successful 100-year Swiss story written globally.  

We are a vibrant global community with a wide range of talents and clients in Europe, Asia and North America.

“We care about your training and further development”

We are committed to professionally onboard, train and further develop our people.  

You can benefit from both our in-house AP Academy with a wide range of courses and from external educational institutes. 

We put great care to our most valuable element: our people.  

Empowering Success  

We are known for industry-leading quality and global presence, fostering diverse collaborations. We prioritize work-life balance for personal and professional success. Angst+Pfister Group offers stability, growth, and ample learning opportunities. 

Let us know what your career ambitions are and together we will work on making your career in an exciting industrial environment come true. 


At Angst+Pfister, we inspire each other and collaborate across boundaries. We live hybrid working and use digital tools to stay connected. 

  • Angst+Pfister: A hub of inspiration and collaboration where diverse minds unite for progress.
  • Our ethos celebrates the amalgamation of ideas, recognizing the brilliance at the intersection of perspectives.
  • Hybrid working at its best: seamlessly blending remote flexibility with the vitality of in-person collaboration.
  • Digital tools are our backbone, fostering real-time communication and driving progress and efficiency.
  • In our collaborative tapestry, each team member contributes to a vibrant whole, proving the sum is greater than its parts.

The Angst+Pfister Academy

Personal development 

Our world is constantly changing, and with it the requirements of our jobs, as well as the expectations of our customers and suppliers. That is why we have decided to build our own Angst+Pfister Academy. Our learning portfolio supports your personal and professional development. Our content is created in close collaboration with our managers and specialists to ensure an optimal transfer into everyday working life. 

Onboarding Programme 

Our onboarding program is individually tailored to your position.  A mix of learning units based on your individual experience combined with company-specific elements ensure a smooth and an energized start. You will also get the chance to get to know new colleagues during a global online welcome event! 

Professional Training 

After a well-rounded onboarding process, we will help you to continuously develop in your not so new work environment. Your professional development will continue with e-learning courses as well as with live training, including leadership workshops.  

Development Programm 

You can tailor your personalized development program to your individual needs and wishes. Achieve your goals and grow beyond yourself with a wide range of different soft skill trainings in the areas of: Teamwork, Productivity, Languages, Sales Skills and Project Management. Keep learning anytime and anywhere with our Angst+Pfister Academy! 


We are a passionate and empowering organization - we believe that each of us makes a difference and that our success is the result of everyone's contribution.    

  • Passionate and empowering, our organization believes in the profound impact each individual makes.
  • At our core, we champion the idea that everyone contributes to our collective success.
  • We thrive on the understanding that every team member's effort is instrumental to our achievements.
  • Empowering individuals, we cultivate a culture where each person's contribution is valued and celebrated.
  • Success for us is a collaborative journey, shaped by the meaningful differences each member brings to the table.

Our commitment

We are committed to respecting and fostering internationally recognized human rights within our organization and along our value chain. Our target is to create positive impacts and shared values for all internal and external stakeholders. 

Health & Safety

We prioritize the physical and mental well-being of our employees by providing a safe workplace, addressing health concerns, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. 

  • Employee well-being is our priority, manifested through a safe workplace and vigilant health support.

  • We address both physical and mental health concerns, fostering a workplace that cares holistically. 

  • Promoting a healthy work-life balance, we ensure our employees thrive both professionally and personally. 

Professional Development 

We offer opportunities for skill-building, training, and career advancement, enabling employees to grow personally and professionally within the company. 

  • Unlock your potential with us – we provide ample opportunities for skill-building and training. 
  • Our commitment to career advancement means you can grow both personally and professionally under our wing. 
  • Within our company, your journey is not just a job; it's a trajectory of personal and professional development. 

Fair Treatment

We ensure that all employees are fairly treated in terms of rights, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.    

  • Equality is our commitment – all employees are treated fairly, with respect to rights, benefits, and opportunities. 

  • We uphold a standard of fairness, ensuring that every team member has equal access to advancement opportunities. 

  • In our organization, fairness is not just a value; it's a practice that extends to the rights, benefits, and growth opportunities for all employees. 

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