The Angst+Pfister magazine has a new format - the Angst+Pfister Industry Stories! And you have the choice!

We are very pleased to be able to send you the first issue of our new Angst+Pfister Industry Stories on the topic of process industry today - the Angst+Pfister Process Industry Stories!

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To keep up to date with your needs, we conducted a survey among our readers. We wanted to find out what topics you are interested in, how and by what means you would like to receive information. The result of this survey prompted us to rethink our magazine and develop a new digital and industry-specific concept. In this new format, you can expect detailed technical reports on concrete application examples from each specific industry, as well as the latest news from the market and information on events and innovations.

In this first issue of our special Angst+Pfister Process Industry Stories, we first report on sealing solutions for the food industry based on a dairy case study, which shows that choosing the right material saves a lot of trouble and money. Then we expand the topic of sealing solutions to include hygienic design and show the indispensable optimal interplay between comprehensive material knowledge and industry expertise. After all, seals only become useful when regulatory compliance, material, and design are individually coordinated. We shed light on the current hot topic of hydrogen by reporting on the tests we are currently conducting to find out which elastomer materials are best suited for sealing solutions in hydrogen applications - Angst+Pfister gave a live presentation on this topic at this year‘s ACHEMA in Frankfurt. A joint project with the company Buschjost, for whom we developed sealing membranes for coffee machines, and many other topics relating to the process industry round off the reports.

Look forward to exciting and inspiring news from Angst+Pfister. We also look forward to your feedback at any time and wish you a wonderful and successful new year!

 Your Angst+Pfister Team


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published: Jan 22, 2023, 9:38:00 AM  by: Angst+Pfister Group