Cafeteria at Angst+Pfister Switzerland in Zurich
Meeting hall at Angst+Pfister Zurich
Angst+Pfister Switzerland office building in Zurich from the outside
Outside view of Global Logistics Centre (GLC) in Embrach, Switzerland
Indoor view of Global Logistics Centre (GLC) office
Showroom with product and industry displays at Angst+Pfister Zurich
Pewatron office indoor view with employee working on sensor project


Zurich is where everything started in 1920. Angst+Pfister, founded by Jaques Angst and Walther Pfister, had its first business address at the Stampfenbachstrasse 144 in the heart of Zurich. It started out as a store with components to buy and take out, but due to the continuous growth of the company it soon grew too small. In 1966, the first own building with offices and warehousing spaces was created in the north of the city – in Oerlikon. 

Today, the Thurgauerstrasse 66 in Oerlikon is still our home and also that of many other members of the Angst+Pfister Group: we have our global head quarter, our Swiss direct sales, and engineering organization there.

Additionally, in 2006 our subsidiary Pewatron moved into the building, and since its creation in 2008, the team of our online shop APSOparts® has its offices just across the street – so we never lose sight of each other.



The village of Embrach is located in the north of canton Zurich in close proximity to the airport. The growing international demand meant that at the time, we could not host warehousing and offices all together in our main building in Zurich anymore. So, in 1988 we built a Logistics Centre in Embrach, which served mainly European customers in the beginning, but today, sends out goods all across the globe. Our Global Logistics Centre in Embrach is home to our entire supply-chain team, some of our production workshops and our ASSIWELL® team. 



When crossing one of the two language borders of Switzerland it feels like changing the country. So, opening an office in the outer western part of Switzerland was perfect to gain first experiences in unknown territory. During the difficult years of World War II, Angst+Pfister was able to grow and gain the trust of more and more French speaking Swiss customers. Consequently, in 1944 we opened the first French speaking office in in the city of Geneva. Since 2010, we are based in the village of Versoix, close to Geneva, with a wonderful view on the lake. From there, our sales and engineering team serves customers from the northern Jura up to the eastern end of Valais.