Passenger vehicles

We provide components and joint-development for passenger vehicles

Stabilizer Bar Bushings

With the centrifugal force occurring with the tilting of the vehicle during turns, the vehicle may sway and to prevent this, stabilizer bars are used. The stabilizer bars press the wheel that is in the inner part of the curve (the one on the opposite on the same axis) and allows for a safe turn. Stabilizer bar minimizes slips on the rear and front wheel and thus increases the road handling capacity of the vehicle. A very important part of every end-users "brand experience" with a vehicle.

Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions carries out the complete technical design and manufacturing of the rubber Bushes used in a stabilizer bar. The bushes are attached to the ends of the lower arm over the connections. With the used bushes, the stabilizer bar is connected to the body and the chassis of the vehicle.

Control Arm Bushings

The arms are a part of the front suspension systems that is consisting of an axle carrier, steering equipment's, stabilizer bar, spring and shock absorbers. Suspension arms position the wheels and limit their motion against forces applied from various directions but allows for higher and lower motions. For each wheel, there is a higher and lower suspension arm vertical to the axis of the vehicle. Generally, the upper suspension arm has single arm and the lower suspension arm has two arms and these are supported by a tie rod extending throughout the vehicle axis.

Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions carries out complete technical design and manufacturing of the bushes mounted to the edge of the upper and lower suspension arms for the prominent system suppliers in the sector, in line with the demand from its customers.

Shock Absorber Bushings

Minimizing the shakes and vibrations coming through the wheels from the road before they are transmitted to the chassis of the vehicle is critical for safety and passenger comfort. Here, shock absorbers have a broader character than simply a springs. In these systems, the energy stored by springs is absorbed by these shock absorbers before they are transmitted into the chassis in vibrations. With this principle, the springs store the knocks and vibrations arising out of the irregularities on the road and prevent their transmission into the body of the vehicle. Shock absorbers, with the resistance directed on the reverse direction of the motion, absorb and convert both the stored energy on the spring and the energy received through the wheels. Thus, they reduce shocks increasing the road handling capacity while reducing the down-time of the vehicle.

Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions carries out the complete technical design and manufacturing of the rubber bushes used on the edges of shock absorbers in line with the expectations of its customers.

Steering System Bushings

The steering system allows for the routing of the vehicle easily and seamlessly to the direction desired. The steering system is in a sense, guidance for the vehicle. While the vehicle is driven through narrow and crooked roads, the steering wheel system should be able to move the front wheels easily, rapidly and properly. For this, the parts within this system should be working in harmony and functionally. The shocks coming through rough roads should not lead to a loss in the control of the steering wheel. For reducing the vibrations coming from the steering arm, there are rubber bushings used.

Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions carries out the complete technical design and manufacturing of the steering system bushings with the prominent system suppliers in the sector for years.

Exhaust Hangers

The exhaust system discharges the gas waste from the engine and also provides cooling. Thus, it directly affects the performance of your vehicle's engine. It also reduces noise and is therefore is important for a comfortable vehicle. To prevent the transfer of the vibrations into the exhaust while the vehicle is in motion and prevention of any negativity of these vibrations on the performance, clamps that bind the exhaust to the body of the vehicle and that provide the required flexibility with rubber bushes are needed.

The specialized engineers of Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions design and produce these parts that are required for the system in line with the expectation of the customers.

Other Rubber-Metal Components

For making the passenger and commercial vehicles safer and more comfortable, Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions carries out the design and production of the rubber metal components within the chassis and the suspension system of the vehicle. Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions continues with its operations as the solution partner of the main industry in line with the needs of its customers and also develops all processes from prototype phase into serial production within its own structure and with its expert engineers.