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Automotive Industry

The construction, agricultural and transport industries are voicing new demands in respect to the efficiency and robustness of commercial vehicles. These industries see themselves confronted with radical economic changes in the world market and cost pressure constantly increasing. In collaboration with our customers, we are developing innovative customized solutions for commercial and heavy-load vehicles, which not only satisfy the latest trends, but also set new standards in terms of convenience, energy efficiency and durability. From vibration-optimized cabin mounts and cab suspensions to friction-optimized cassette seals and optimized suspensions for cardan shafts: Angst+Pfister provides you with a competitive advantage – thanks to efficient prototyping, own test laboratories, flexible high-quality production and highly competent on-site engineers.


High-performance solutions and a truly global presence

With dedicated production facilities located in one of the world’s largest car manufacturing zones, Angst+Pfister is designed to be a full-service provider. Collaborating closely with the automotive industry, we develop innovative antivibration and sealing solutions. This approach produces high-performance components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, including heavy-load trucks all over the world. We produce around twenty million antivibration components and 100 million sealing components every year.

One of the most important pillars of our global production platform is the Angst Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions plant in Bursa, Turkey. It was founded in 1982 and has been part of the Angst+Pfister Group since 2013. Angst+Pfister Advanced Technical Solutions A.S. manufactures antivibration and sealing components in all variants and has been supplying the automotive industry for more than 30 years. It also works for the railway industry and supplies companies operating in the construction and agricultural machinery, electrical and household appliances industries. 

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Automotive engineering and co-development

Utilizing state-of-the-art engineering equipment and testing methods, Angst+Pfister is also a premium design partner: efficient prototyping, streamlined series production and global supply chain solutions ensure new products are quickly brought to market.

The Angst+Pfister Research & Development Department in Bursa, Turkey, located directly next to the main production site collaborates closely with customers on every phase of the project – from the first prototyping steps using Computer Aided Design (CAD), through Finite Element Method (FEM) to Virtual Design Engineering function checks carried out on specific, ultra-modern testing benches. 

We offer the full-service procedure

  • In-house development of application-related and application-oriented compounds (also with fire protection) 
  • FEM simulation of rubber-metal components
  • Design optimization
  • New developments
  • Design, manufacturing and simulation of moulds
  • Surface treatments as corrosion protection
  • Vulcanization process and corresponding application of adhesion promoter
  • Refinement and finishing (surface treatment, calibration, deburring and final inspection) 
  • Assembly and logistics

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We know quality

Our quality procedure ensures exact measurement of product behaviour both during and after manufacturing. Each manufactured component receives a designated quality inspection according to a defined process flow chart. 
Across the whole value chain, Angst+Pfister is certified to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 standards. All our processes are based on an unrivalled quality management system that sets a new benchmark for the global automotive industry.


Our services

Material Design & Compounding

From the selection to the development, testing and certification of state-of-the art high-performance materials

Engineering, Development & Testing

Customized solutions developed starting from deep knowledge of technical specifications and adopting state-of-the-art technology

Production & Customization

Global selection of the most efficient production capabilities, taking into consideration process efficiency, total costs and sustainability

Worldwide Support & Distribution

Serving customers with ​technical local presence ​across 3 continents and leveraging on a ​digital supply chain across the globe

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