Angst+Pfister Voices


Christelle Deloge
Sales Application Engineer
Angst+Pfister France

«I was used to working for family companies and I appreciate finding the same approach with a great team spirit, and a company slogan “you will never walk alone” that is particularly true.»

Christelle joined Angst+Pfister in November 2018 as Sales Application Engineer for the West of France. She worked in the plastic industry for 15 years as a Key Account Manager for a family company that produces blow moulded and injected plastic parts for Medical, Defense and Construction machinery sectors. Today, she is responsible for a wide range of customers like Dosatron (pumps producer), SDMO (gensets producer), Satys (producer of railway parts) and some others in the Agriculture sector.

Working for Angst+Pfister is my first experience in an international group. I was used to work in family companies and I appreciated to find the same state of mind with a good team spirit. The Angst+Pfister slogan “you will never walk alone” is particularly true. I have all the support I need to fulfill my job, from the French team but also from Zurich with the great technical support of Group Engineering. A lot of my customers recognize that the technical support we give them really makes the difference. Angst+Pfister also gives me the opportunity to improve my technical knowledge and also my English level with regular sessions. With the present situation with Covid-19, Angst+Pfister is there for us since the beginning and provided us all the necessary to protect us and our families, this is not the case in most of others companies and it is really appreciated.


Gabriella Statello
Angst+Pfister Switzerland
«I love the challenge of my work.
Be it a call from challenging customers, for whom I am often the first contact person, or working with the apprentices.»

After more than seven years as a flight attendant at Swiss International Airlines, Gabriella has been a receptionist at Angst+Pfister since 2014. Here she is responsible for processing and forwarding orders and customer enquiries. Together with her team, Gabriella also supervises the in- house mailroom and ensures that all letters and parcels – arriving or departing – are sent smoothly. This close cooperation within the team, its spirit and the fact that it is a crucial part of the company are among the things Gabriella has come to appreciate most.

Her work as a receptionist also includes managing the meeting rooms, looking after guests and training new apprentices. Gabriella particular- ly enjoys working with the apprentices – a work that keeps her young and dynamic. "I love the challenge of my work. Be it a call from challenging customers, for whom I am often the first contact person, or working with the apprentices. I never lose my composure, but try to greet every employee with a smile and a friendly word. In this way I try to contribute my share to the success of Angst+Pfister."


Tomasz Żmuda
Internal Sales Leader
Angst+Pfister Poland
«When you are surrounded by great people leading our Angst+Pfister family to everyday success, who are ready to support you even in the most difficult matters: "you will never walk alone".»

Before he joined Angst+Pfister in 2015 he has worked in a manager position at Atlantic Squash & Fitness Sp. z o.o. for 7 years were he learned how to effectively manage people and company processes. At Angst+Pfister Tomasz took up the function as Internal Sales Agent and in 2018 he took over the Internal Sales Lead. In this position he leads the Polish Internal Sales team and supports them in their daily work. He manages Polish key customer offers and orders, doing his best to provide the highest level of customer service and to cultivate very good relationships.

“I like everyday challenges, because they give me a motivation for constant development of my skills. I have the best team as every single one of them is customer-oriented, open-minded and ambitious contributing as much as possible to our Angst+Pfister journey to make it a never- ending adventure. But the best motivation for me is when at the end of the day the customer says “thank you for finding a solution for my problem and for the professional support”. I enjoy being in this great international environment very much, where I can learn new things every day to develop myself and my team. Working in a company which puts a lot of effort to provide continuous training for each employee is a great chance for all of us for permanent development.

Fabian Heim
Regional Sales Leader
Angst+Pfister Germany

«Recognize, grasp and implement the opportunities that arise.»

With a background in working for stationary and mobile hydraulic customers, Fabian joined Angst+Pfister in 2016 as a Sales Application Engineer for Angst+Pfister Germany. In 2018 he then became Regional Sales Leader, taking over responsibility for the south-west region, a position where he is able to create new business with new customers and expand growth with already based customers. He supports assigned Sales Application Engineers in order to increase customers as well as revenue growth.

Fabian appreciates the possibility of being close to different markets and receiving lots of information, which opens up different point of views and perspectives and allows to find the best possible solution for the customers of Angst+Pfister. He greatly enjoys being responsible for a sales team and trying to create a strong growing region together. “The corona crisis was a damper, of course. But every crisis brings the possibility to recognize, grasp and implement the opportunities that arise with the aim of consolidating the current jobs and creating new jobs in spite of impasses in order to further expand a great team."


Kenny Qi
Product Application Engineer Sealing Technology
Angst+Pfister China
«The important thing is to develop new and improved solutions for our customers.»

With various experiences in sealing engineering, Kenny joined Angst+Pfister in 2014 as a Product Application Engineer in Sealing Technology, providing technical assistance to customers, supporting the sales team and offering engineering solutions for the specific requests  of the customers. In his position Kenny has furthermore the possibility to develop new markets or applications to expand the product and customer portfolio.

Kenny especially appreciates the chance and challenge of building a comprehensive team of highly qualified application engineers, who have amassed expertise across a broad range of industries. “To me it is not just a matter of replacing defective seals or gaskets. The important thing is to develop new and improved solutions for our customers. As an engineer, I am glad to share the experience and can do approach to offer solutions to customers' unique needs.”