APSOvib® Rubber springs, rubber hollow springs and bushings

Standard antivibration assortment suitable for a wide range of diverse applications to dampen vibrations

  • Rubber springs and bushings overview: Bushing and EFFBE Urelast spring
  • Rubber springs and bushings overview: Bushing and EFFBE Urelast spring

Cylindrical springs 

Made of elastomers or polyurethane, cylindrical springs are mainly used in the manufacture of punching tools as an alternative to metal coil springs, ensuring the return of the punch to its initial position. Developing large force, they must also offer exceptional lifetimes without losing their initial characteristics. The wide variety of sizes available from stock allows us to meet almost all customer demands. 

Rubber hollow springs

Where buffers are used for vibration insulation for machines and installations, rubber hollow springs find their application where long spring deflections are needed. A great variety of elastomers in different Shore hardnesses in combination with metal components offers lots of construction possibilities for versatile applications. They are particularly ideal for applications with very low disturbing frequencies.

Rubber metal bushings

Rubber metal bushings are suitable as torsion springs or supports, requiring no maintenance, for wheel and suspension. They are available in two different finishes, vulcanized or pressed. Key applications are in the fields of agriculture machines and special vehicles, for suspension, axles, torsion bars and shocks absorbers.

Vulcanized bushings

The elastomer is vulcanized on the external and internal sleeves. The bush, in a radial direction, is softer compared to the execution with an element in pressed rubber. Vulcanization prevents movements between the outer and the inner sleeves, due to creeping of the rubber. Such a bush has the advantage that it can also be used alone as a torsion spring.

Pressed bushings 

A prefabricated rubber ring is strongly pressed between two concentric steel sleeves and elastically absorbs both the force and the acting torque by friction. The bush therefore becomes subjected to considerable compression on the main load surface, in a radial direction, and reacts extremely rigidly in this direction.


  • Gearboxes
  • Combustion engines
  • Vehicles cabs
  • Machinery and presses
  • Electrical enclosures

Product List

Product Image Description Technical data Insulation capacity Key applications  Order
      Load capacity in N Natural frequency in Hz Spring deflection in mm High axial flexibility High radial flexibility High axial and radial flexibility Medium and low frequency Protection against bump & shock HVAC/Fan Pumps & compressors Gearboxes Combustion engines Vehicles cabs Machinery & presses Lift & elevators Electrical enclosures Laboratory equipments  
APSOvib® Rubber and urelast spring As springs primarily in pressing techniques, in tools and in machine engineering <66650 >2.5 <50 x     x             x        
APSOvib® Rubber hollow springs Universally applicable springs, especially where long spring travel is required <22000 >3 <29.5     x x             x        
APSOvib® Bushings vulcanized and pressed Suitable as rotary springs or maintenance-free bearing for wheel suspension, available in two different finishes, vulcanized or pressed <21000 >11 <2     x         x x x x   x    

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