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Optimal drive solutions with standard components and customized parts

Our Mechanical Drive Technology Products

Angst+Pfister has a leading heritage of technical evolution and innovation. As engineering experts in mechanical drive technology components, we strive to provide our customers with innovative design parts to improve performance, increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Selecting the correct materials, components and configurations is a complex and time-consuming process, but crucial for the success of a drive system. At Angst+Pfister we have more than 30 years of experience in the field of drive technology. As a customer you can benefit from this experience – APSOdrive® offers support for each individual customer to succeed with a tailor-made solution.

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Product solutions for belt drives 

Angst+Pfister customers have access to a comprehensive range of rubber and PUR belts: Numerous pitches, tooth profiles, belt sizes and widths, various machining processes, customer-specific logo-branded belts, belt-coatings and performance levels underline the outstanding variety we provide to find you the ideal product for every belt drive. Thanks to its excellent functionality, belt drives are used in stationary industrial applications, in automated robotic processes and in transport and materials handling technology, especially within the packaging, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and wood-processing industry, as well as for simple or sophisticated household appliances.


The best possible quality is also guaranteed in service

Applications and design engineers develop customer-specific solutions hand in hand, thus making Angst+Pfister a competent partner for you.


The perfect global production platform: high-quality components for the highest requirements 

Angst+Pfister has production facilities in 15 countries throughout the globe. This global orientation provides our customers with the most cost-effective production environment – even before considering our competitive ability to meet quantity, logistic and quality requirements. Being a company that is certified according to ISO-9001:2008, we make every effort to completely meet the quality requirements of our customers. 

Our own manufacturing capabilities for custom-made timing belts and assembly of Taper Lock bushes, couplings, pulleys and sprockets match exactly our customers' technical specifications. Using the highest quality materials, expertise and processes, Angst+Pfister produces prototypes and small batch items if necessary also within 24 hours.


Engineering services – expertise all along the line

Our engineers have substantial international experience in optimizing demanding belt drives and can therefore support you with:

•    technical advice for new systems and optimization of existing systems
•    evaluating the most suitable solution
•    calculating and designing mechanical drive systems
•    additional use of belt drive calculation software
•    commercially optimized price-performance ratio
•    fast engineering and supply of customized solutions and prototypes


Reliable logistics and customer focus worldwide 

A comprehensive logistics infrastructure ensures that the right products are getting to their destination when and where they are required. Highly efficient processes supported by an electronic order processing system, characterizes the Angst+Pfister Global Logistics Center. Thanks to our extraordinary international network, a “just in time” delivery is supplied to all our customers, no matter at which location.

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Various solutions for different applications 

Whether it is a linear, transport or power transmission: we make every effort to find the most suitable and efficient solution to comply with your specific demands.

For a detailed and cost-effective calculation for your timing belt drive our technical support team will be pleased to advise you and provide you with a recommendation for the configuration and the type of belt which will best suit your requirements.

Please do not hesitate to make use of our engineers’ know-how and also benefit from further application related services. Our drive technology experts will be glad to consult with you on-site or per remote engineering. Upon request, we can also organize workshops and seminars for your engineering and design team. 

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