Belts for linear and transport technology

High-quality timing belts and custom finishes

  • Belts for transportation overview: Green-white timing belts
  • Belts for transportation overview: Green-white timing belts

Application-specific solutions in the field of drive technology are one of Angst+Pfister’ great strengths. The deciding factor for an excellent outcome is the early combination of technological and solution expertise into a productive joint-development team. With the use of custom-made timing belts designed by Angst+Pfister it is possible to meet all set requirements. 

Diversity with guaranteed longevity 

Angst+Pfister’s timing belts meet our customers’ highest demands and can be adapted to any application in accordance with the construction specifications and deployment conditions. A wide variety of materials, special steel and aramid cord designs and diverse coating options are available. 

Another addition to maintain the highest flexibility, is the possibility of mechanical finishings. For linear and transport tasks, the high-quality drive elements are also available with weld-on or bolt-on flights, while internal steel cable reinforcements provide high load capacity. Moreover, the use of polyurethane as a substrate also makes the timing belts extremely abrasion-resistant. With our PUR and rubber belts we support the sustainability of your application.


  • Low maintenance applications
  • Low noise applications
  • High shock applications
  • High vibration applications
  • Low friction applications

APSOdrive® Tooth profiles available in endless and linear belts, pulleys and clamps

Improved drive properties – Belt tooth and back side

The Belt toothing is in meshing contact with the pulley and in frictional contact with the belt guidance. For this reason, choosing the right contact partners is a crucial task to ensure smooth drive characteristics. To improve the gliding properties and reduce the friction coefficient our PUR belts can be optimized with a standard or even with an antistatic polyamide-tissue on the tooth or back- side (PAZ & PAR / PAZ-AS & PAR-AS).

While the belt back-Side is in direct contact to the finished or semi-finished product. Certain backings make it possible to ensure synchronous transport and positioning of goods for special machining and processing operations. Pockets, contours, slots, holes, etc., we have countless possibilities for precise mechanical reworkments and refinement.

Some examples of our post processing capabilities are:

• Cross and longitudinal belt milling
• Backside and belt edge grinding
• Standard perforation and water jet cutting
• Coatings (> 50 standard and > 20 customer-specific coating)
• Endless sprayed or vulcanized coatings
• Cam + brushes welding, gluing, screwing spikes/nails/needles/bristles on back of belt
• Over 3000 standard profiles
• Metal inserts, magnetic inserts

We are perfectly able to combine the expertise’s of our drive technology, plastics technology and sealing technology (material development) departments to fulfill the needed requirements.

Product List

Product Description Material Preliminary selection Post processing capabilities Benefits Key applications Order
      Standard pitch, single-sided Imperial pitch Self-guiding Self-guiding with track Nylon facing on tooth-side Nylon facing on back-side Machining Welding of cleats and profiles Coating Increased power transmission rate Precise positionning For use in aseptic environment Resistant to oil and grease High ambiant temparture (over +80°C) Low maintenance application Low noise application Low friction application High shock application High vibration application  
BRECOflex® Endless timing belts Polyurethane x x x x x x x x x x x x x   x x x x    
BRECO-V® Welded to endless joined timing belts Polyurethane x x x x x x x x x   x x x   x x x      
BRECO-M® Open length timing belts Polyurethane x x x x x x x x x x x x x   x x x x    
BRECO-ATN® Convertible timing belt system Polyurethane x   x       x x     x x x   x x x      
BRECOprotect® Food and medical processing timing belt Polyurethane x   (x)   x x (x) (x) (x)   x x x   x x x x    
BRECOmove® High performance timing belts Polyurethane x                 x x x x   x x x x x  
BRECOclassic® Alternative standard timing belts Polyurethane x x x x x x x x x   x (x) (x)   x x x      
BRECObasic® Price-attractive belts for standard applications Polyurethane x   (x)   x   (x)       (x)                  
Continental Synchrodrive® Open length timing belts Polyurethane x       x         x x (x) x   x x x x    
Flat Belts Flat belt for space-saving drive configurations in lift systems Polyurethane / Rubber     (x)   x x x x x       x   x x x x    
Conveyor Belts Specialized flat belts for material transport and handling Polyurethane / Rubber     (x)   x x (x) x x     (x) (x) x   x x x    
Modular Belts Smart modular conveyor belts Polyurethane       (x)       x     (x) (x)     x   x      
Round Belts Circular cross section belts Polyurethane / Rubber     x                 x x x x x (x) (x) (x)  

Our belts for Linear- and Transport Technology can be adapted to your individual needs with a variety of materials, coatings, special steel and aramid tension members and post-processing options.

Our experience in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry helps you to find the best solution for your application. For further support, please don`t hesitate to get in touch with our engineers.


ATN Timing belt

The ATN Timing belt is especially designed for applications in the transport technology. The exchangeable profile fastening system in the belt tooth permits fast fitting a replacement of flights, that can be individually manufactured for specific conveying applications. This flexibility provides a never realized variety of application possibilities, compared to other profile fastening systems where e.g. welding is required. With the ATN Timing belt it is possible to convey different types of goods in one transport system using the same timing belt, but equipped with different profiles.

BRECOprotect® Timing belts

The BRECOprotect® product line is specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. BRECOprotect® are timing belts with steel cords that are completely enclosed in polyurethane to protect them against corrosion. According to the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries, all BRECOprotect® Timing belts are made of polyurethane in line with the compliance criteria of FDA 177.1680, the European Regulation 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, the European Commission Directives 90/128/CEE and 96/11/CE. The blue color of the product range follows the general market trend towards a special food industry color scheme.

BRECOclassic® Timing belts

With the BRECOclassic® product range we offer an extensive assortment of economically priced alternatives. Not every application requires maximum durability or tolerances. The BRECOclassic® product range is comprised of many models of the T-, AT-, and the T1/2 inch pitch (imperial) series available as both joined products and open length goods. HTD models are available as well. 
BRECOclassic® Timing belts are made of a cost-efficient white polyurethane with a shore hardness of 92 A (TPUCLA), and they feature tension members whose design is optimally adapted to the BRECOclassic®.

As a base product, the BRECOclassic® is available in various designs with coatings, rework options or weld-on profiles.

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