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  • Mechanical drive technology accessories overview: Taper lock bushing and TM-Nano measuring device
  • Mechanical drive technology accessories overview: Taper lock bushing and TM-Nano measuring device

With the aim of providing complete solutions to our valued customers, our Drive Technology portfolio is completed with a wide range of accessories. From simple standard pulley flanges, belt clamping plates, different versions of shaft-hub connections, to guides and belt tension measuring devices – with the Angst+Pfister Team as your partner, you have already made the right decision.


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Clamp / tension plates Clamps and tension plates are employed in linear technology. Available in different variants, they are used to fasten the belt ends to the machine housing or to the unit to be moved. Tension plates can also be used to set the correct pre-tension force.  
Clamping elements Our clamping elements connect one or two components firmly to the drive shaft, enabling the transmission of motion or the absorption of axial thrust.  
Taper lock bushing With our taper bushings a secure shaft to bore interference fit can easily be created, yet allows if desired easy removal and repositioning, with no shaft or bushing damage.  
Flanges We provide standard and custom made timing pulley flanges in various materials and dimensions.  
Bearings With the help of our bearings, loads can be carried by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between two bearing rings, known as races. The relative motion of the races causes the rolling elements to roll with very low rolling resistance and with little sliding.  
Tension rollers A large selection of smooth and toothed tensioning and idler rollers with and without flanges are available to achieve complex belt concepts and to set the pre-tension force for rotary drives. Equipped with a cam, the required pre-tension force can be easily set with a tension roller adapted to the individual type of belt.  
Cleats for belts Profiles are made of the same highly abrasion resistant urethane materials as the timing belts. Timing belts with cleats allow for innovative design solutions for dividing, stepping and positioning. We offer a comprehensive variety of different designs without molding costs. In addition, custom designs (specific profile shape with or without metal inserts) or modified profiles (machined) are available upon request.  
Rails and guides Wherever goods are transported by means of timing belts, it might be necessary to avoid sagging and oscillation of the timing belt. For a quiet, smooth running and long-term functionality our belt guides are made of low pressure polyethylene, a low friction and wear resistant material. We offer belt guides adapted to the different timing belt widths, with or without guide channels depending on the requested function.  
Frictional wheels Our friction rings and friction wheels are indispensable machine elements for highly reliable and powerful drives, particularly well-suited to use in drum drives, such as tube mills and ball mills. This special type of rubber rolling contact drive is are economical and efficient, of simple construction, low-noise and maintenance-free.  
Torque limiters A machine element that protects mechanical equipment, or its work, from damage by mechanical overload. A torque limiter may limit the torque by slipping (as in a friction plate slip-clutch), or uncouple the load entirely (as in a shear pin). The action of a torque limiter is especially useful to limit any damage due to crash stops and jams.  
Measuring devices Designed to measure the static tension of all belts (timing belts, flat belts, V-belts) in all belt materials, regardless of the tension member material.  

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