Reliable couplings for every application

  • Couplings overview: Double-loop and N-EUPEX couplings
  • Couplings overview: Double-loop and N-EUPEX couplings

Angst+Pfster is the right partner for any type of drive transmission application. In addition to our timing belt, V-belt and the related pulley portfolio, we can provide you with top quality couplings that can be used in every industrial application with absolute reliability. Thanks to our extensive experience with drive technology, we can advise you to choose the right coupling according to your requirements as:

• Compensation for shaft misalignment 
• Compensation for shaft displacement with low restorative forces
• Control of characteristic angular vibration frequency and damping
• Interruption or limitation of torque
• Noise & electrical insulation


Flexible couplings

Flexible couplings are usually used to transmit torque from one shaft to the other when the two shafts are slightly misaligned. Furthermore, a flexible coupling can protect the driving and driven shaft component from the harmful effects of conditions such as misaligned shafts, vibration, shock loads, and thermal expansion. This type of coupling is suitable especially for drives with uniform to average dynamic loads. Examples of applications are pump drives, ventilator drives or crane running gear.


Highly flexible couplings

Due to their low torsional stiffness and good damping capacity, highly flexible couplings are suitable for connecting non-uniformly working machines with high shaft misalignment. An additional plus is the capacity of noise reduction, electrical insulation, as well as compensation of periodical excitation and thermal expansion. Examples of applications are roller tables, pumps, or compressor drives.


Backlash-free couplings

With their high torsional stiffness and ability for angle preserving torque transmission our compact backlash-free couplings are able to achieve the highest positioning accuracy. After the easy installation they are almost completely maintenance- and wear-free and can therefore assure the durability of your drive applications. They are especially suitable for positioning drives, stepping motors and linear units in a wide range of application fields.

Product List

Product Image Description Torque range (in Nm) Misalignment         Features Order
                                  Axial Radial Angular Shock load absorption Vibration damping Compensation of thermal expansion Compensation of periodical excitations Position accuracy Degree of maintenance Noise reduction Electrical insulation  
APSOdrive® Flexible coupling Flexible couplings 7.5 - 2400  M M M M M M M M M x x  
APSOdrive® Basklash-free coupling Backlash-free couplings 3 - 200 S     M M M M L   x x  
N-EUPEX Flexible couplings 19 - 62'000 M M M M M M M M M x x  
RUPEX Flexible couplings 200 - 1'300'000  M M M M M M M M M x x  
N-BIPEX Flexible couplings 12 - 4'650  M M M M M M M M M x x  
HRC Flexible couplings 31 - 3'150  M M M M M M M M M x x  
Double Loop Highly flexible couplings 0.5 - 5  L L L L L L L S L x x  
FENAFLEX Highly flexible couplings 24 - 14'675  L L L L L L L S L x x  
SIPEX Backlash-free couplings 0.1 - 5'000      S S S     L        
BIPEX-S Backlash-free couplings 0.3 - 655  S     M M M M L   x x  

M = Moderate        
L = Large        
S = Small        


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