Pulleys, timing bars and sprockets

With post-processing capabilities to your perfect drive component

  • Pulleys, timing bars and sprockets overview
  • Pulleys, timing bars and sprockets overview

Our own production facilities for pulleys allow us to respond quickly to any customer request for standard or tailor-made pulleys, timing bars, sprockets and gear wheels on the basis of a drawing. Our products are available in different materials and in all possible profiles and pitches. 

For larger quantities, we use our well established and approved global production platform, which is dedicated to manufacture and deliver pulleys with the highest quality and in the most economical way possible.


Post-processing capabilities

Whenever feasible, we use standard pulleys or timing bars which can then be reworked according to the requested specifications. In our CNC-production centre we make use of milling, turning and drilling processes, and are able to manufacture pulleys or toothed racks in a very wide diameter and length range. Furthermore, we can realize any individual adapter or hub design, as well as all conventional tolerated bores or broached keyways in accordance to DIN 6885 to precisely match the specific constructon wishes of our customers.


Surface and heat treatments:

• Anodizing 
• Hard anodizing
• Chrome plating
• Zinc coating
• Burnishing
• Painting (according to e.g. RAL colors)
• Hardening and tempering
• Dynamic or static balancing
• Other surface and heat treatments on request

Additionally, flanges up to a diameter of 400mm can be mounted within a short period of time due to our extensive range of flanges in stock.


• Aluminum
• Steel
• Stainless steel
• Cast iron
• Plastic
• Other materials on request

Product List

Product Description Profile Order
    Standard Backlash-free Reduced backlash  
T2 / T2.5 / T5 / T10 / T20 Standard profile x x x  
TK5K6 / TK10K6 / TK10K13 / TK1/2"K13 / TK20K13 Self-tracking standard profile x x x  
AT3 / AT5 / AT10 / AT15 / AT20 High capacity profile x x x  
ATK5K6 / ATK10K6 / ATK10K13 / ATK20K13 Self-tracking, high capacity profile x x x  
ATP10 / ATP15 High capacity profile   x    
SFAT10 / SFAT20 Offset tooth x x x  
HOT8M / HOT14M Helical offset tooth x      
BAT10 / BATK10 Curved teeth / Self-tracking curved profile x      
HTD2 / HTD3 / HTD5 / HTD8 / HTD14 / HTD20 Curvilinear high torque tooth profile x (x) (x)  
STD-S2M / STD-S3M / STD-S5M / STD-S8M / STD-S14M Curvilinear super torque tooth profile x (x) (x)  
CTD-8M / CTD-14M Curvilinear conti torque tooth profile x (x) (x)  
RPP3 / RPP5 / RPP8 / RPP8 / RPP14 / RPP20 Reinforced parabolic profile x (x) (x)  
MXL ( M) / XL / L / H / XH / XXH Imperial profile x      
Timing bars Semi-finished toothed cylinders x x x  
K1 / K1.5 Notched profile with metric pitch x      
Gearswheel modul 1 - 10 / angled toothing Metric spur gears x      
V-belt pulleys SPZ / SPA / SPB / SPC / Poly-V Grooved pulleys with all common profiles x      
V-belt pulleys for taper bush SPZ / SPA / SPB / SPC / Poly-V Grooved pulleys for taper bushes x      
Chain sprockets Chain sprockets with all common profiles x      
Chain sprockets for taper bushings Chain sprockets for taper bushings x      

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