Finished parts

Finished plastic parts according to drawings, sketches, 3D data and samples (Reverse Engineering)

  • Different finished plastics parts in various materials
  • Different finished plastics parts in various materials

We are your partner for individual plastic parts

Through solution-oriented consulting and the assumption of engineering tasks, Angst+Pfister's specialists pass on their application experience, their knowledge of materials and their manufacturing know-how. They support customers in their choice of materials, in optimizing products and in rationalizing production steps. When developing new products and manufacturing processes or refining existing ones, it is worthwhile contacting Angst+Pfister engineers at an early stage. Working in partnership, more competitive products can be developed faster and at lower development and production costs.



  • Machine manufacturing industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Pharma and medical devices
  • Pumps and valves industry
  • Railway

The ideal processing technique – we know what is important

We offer parts according to customer drawings, machined and ready-for-installation from all plastics of our company on CNC-controlled turning and milling machines. Our know-how, even for materials that are difficult to machine, ensures the production of tolerance-bearing parts. Of course, we also offer complete assemblies including the corresponding installation.

In many cases, the outsourcing of individual processing steps proves to be an interesting rationalization potential. Thanks to our own workshops with modern equipment, both nationally and internationally, Angst+Pfister can relieve you of certain manufacturing tasks. The range of services offered is very broad. 

Thanks to our production platform, the spectrum of processes we use ranges from milling and turning to water jet and laser cutting. Other services include vacuum thermoforming, hot forming, hot-wire bending, welding and gluing. We also offer various surface treatments, such as abrasive or static coatings.

GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice) for plastic parts that come into contact with food

The Angst+Pfister Group was one of the first companies in the industry to be awarded with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate for the production of plastic parts for devices with food contact surfaces (EFCF) by the globally recognized DNV-GL Business Assurance Group. This certification applies specifically to the production of machined plastic parts and cuts from semi-finished plastics, which comply with EU 10/2011, and are intended for direct contact with food in food processing and packaging machinery and equipment.

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