APSOfluid® Industry hoses

High resistance and regulation compliance

  • Industrial hoses overview: CONTI FOOD & DRINK FLEX UPE with spiral
  • Industrial hoses overview: CONTI FOOD & DRINK FLEX UPE with spiral

An assortment that meets standards

Our industrial hoses include chemical, pharmaceutical, drinking water, steam hoses, as well as hoses for the food & beverage area. We have suitable fittings and fastenings as well as fittings according to customer requirements for all our hoses. Our products meet the tests, approvals and conformities required by the different industries.


  • Food and beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Process industry

Chemical and pharmaceutical hoses

Depending on the chemicals, operating conditions and localities of use within the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, we have a wide range of elastomer hoses and also combinations with plastic liners such as EPDM, FKM, polyethylene (PE-UHMW), FEP and PTFE. Most of the hoses have an EPDM outer layer with polyester braiding and copper strands and are available with or without steel wire spirals. They also comply with the chemical hose standard DIN EN 12115. Our products also meet the tests, approvals and conformities required by the different markets, such as EG 1935/2004, USP Cl. VI, DIN / ISO 10993, FDA and BfR 21.

Angst+Pfister offers the right fittings for all hoses. The product range includes lever arm couplings (KAMLOK®, AUTOLOK®), clamp jaw couplings, flanges, TriClamp and RACOSTEAM® steam hose fittings. The complete product range of our APSOfluid® core brands CHEMOLIT® and VAPOTHERM is available from stock.

The market requirements regarding the integration of fittings have become more and more challenging. Angst+Pfister complies with the recommendations and guidelines of the Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaft) T 002. The professional assembly and testing of the hoses are accomplished in our own production sites in Embrach, Switzerland – highest quality is thus guaranteed. 

Hoses for Food & Beverage

In the food industry there are extensive possible applications for hoses and also the media and their properties differ greatly from one another. But whether for fatty, alcoholic or dry and abrasive media – we have the right hose line for you!

Food hoses must be tasteless and odorless, resistant to the conveyed media and at the same time comply with strict hygienic regulations. But product quality isn’t the only thing that counts, qualified advice also matters. Currently especially relevant is the compliance to the regulation EU Nr.10/2011 for plastics intended to come into contact with food (Plastic Implementation Measure, PIM) on the basis of the regulation EC 1935/2004 as it is mandatory since January 1st, 2016. 

For all food & beverage hoses Angst+Pfister offers the matching fittings. With DIN 11851, SMS, DIN 32676 (TriClamp) and DIN 14420 you have several options to choose from. The complete product assortment of our key brands GOLDSTAR®, LACTAPRESS, LACTOVAP and NYLFLEX BIO  is available from stock.

Drinking water hoses

Our drinking-water hoses have an inner ply made of high-grade anti-adhesive polymeric materials, and depending on the deployment area, their outer ply consists of an elastomer or thermoplastic with stainless steel braiding. Hoses with a pressure carrier are suitable for operating pressures of up to 18 bar and operating temperatures up to +90°C. GEKA Plus couplings and pressed fittings, for example can be used as connectors. 

Angst+Pfister offers three different types of hoses suitable for different deployment areas: 
1. Hoses without liners for unpressurized applications
2. Stainless steel braided hoses as connecting lines to the water supply grid 
3. Hoses with a pressure carrier and an outer ply for mobile water supply 

Drinking water certifications

KTW  Germany
DVGW W270, microbiological test Germany
DVGW W534,type examination certificate Germany
DVGW VP 549, type examination certificate Germany
SVGW Switzerland
WRSA United Kingdom
ACS France
NSF 61/9 USA
ETA Denmark

Product List

Product Image Description Technical data Key applications  Order

Outer Ø range (in mm)

Inner Ø range (in mm)


Operating temperature range (in °C) Operating pressure range (in bar)

Norms / conformities

Food & beverage industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Process industry Other industries  
Chemical hose CHEMOLIT The chemical hoses Chemolit have an EPDM outer layer with inserts of polyester braiding and copper strands, available with or without steel wire spirals.  31 - 91 19 - 75 - EPDM
-40 to +120
-35 to +100
-30 to +100
-40 to +150
16 - EN 12115, 
- TRbF 131/2
- BfR Kat III
- USP Cl. VI
- ISO 10993
x x x      
SILTORRID and TEFLON FEP High-quality, very flexible suction and pressure hose for media of highest purity; materials and production processes comply with FDA regulations concerning food contact
TEFLON FEP hose: Thin-walled, semi-flexible FEP pressure hose with excellent chemical resistance
11.3 - 60 1.8 - 50.8 - VMQ, platine-net
-40 to +150
-200 to +200
5 - 16   x   x   x  
Drinking water hoses
High-quality, robust and highly flexible drinking water hose, outer layer with good ozone and weather resistance 17 - 116 10 - 100 - special plastomer coating
-20 to +90
-30 to +55
20 - FDA
- DVGW W270
- DVGW VP 549
      x x  
COLLECTOR  Very flexible suction and pressure hose 49 - 116 38 - 100 NR -40 to +70 6 - FDA
- BfR Kat III
LACTOPAL  Flexible, high-quality suction and pressure hose for fatty foods, absolutely smooth and non-porous inside, so it can be optimally cleaned with hot water, steam and all common chemicals 21 - 130 13 - 100 NBR -20 to +80 16 - FDA
- BfR Kat III
LACTAPRESS Flexible, robust food hose for fatty foods 23 - 70 13 - 50 NBR -20 to +90 20 - EG 1935/2004
LACTASPIRAL Flexible suction and pressure hose for fatty foods 42 - 87 32 - 75 NBR -30 to +80 12 - FDA x          
GOLDSTAR E  Non-ageing, robust hose for fat-free food 23 - 89 13 - 65 EPDM -35 to +95 12 - FDA
- BfR Kat III
PURPUR-SCHLANGE PLUS With plastic liner, non-porous hose for oil and fat containing food; meets the highest standards of hygiene, easy to clean with hot water, briefly saturated steam and all usual cleaning agents and disinfectants; electrically conductive through the hose wall, can be used in potentially explosive areas (explosion protection) 37 - 118 25 - 100 UPE -30 to +95 16 - FDA
- BfR Kat III
CONTI FOOD & DRINK FLEX UPE High-class all-rounder for the food and beverage industry as well as for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry 37 - 118 25 - 100 UPE -30 to +95 12 - EG 1935/2004
- EG 10/2011 Kat. A, B, C
- EG 2023/2006
- BfR
LACTOVAP  Flexible steam hose for mobile use 20 - 66 10 - 50 EPDM -40 to +164 20 - FDA
- BfR Kat II
- DM 21/03/1973

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