Sealing plates and flat gaskets

Sheets in different rubbers, fiber gasket and PTFE materials either cut-to-size or per customer drawing

  • NOVAFLON sealing plates or flat gaskets
  • NOVAFLON sealing plates or flat gaskets

The right solution for you

Sealing issues are encountered in the industry wherever substances and process fluids are processed, conveyed or stored. In the chemical industry, in refineries, in energy production and conversion as well as in the food industry, inconspicuous or even invisible flat seals are often of central importance. Since gaskets are exposed to very different loads in various areas of application, numerous materials with widely differing characteristics are used in their manufacturing. The most important application parameters include resistance to aggressive media, high or low temperatures or high pressure loads. However, the decisive factors for the choice of materials are also the installation situation and the sealing force required by the customer, as well as a good price-performance ratio. By choosing the right sealing material, later sealing damage and the associated downtime and repair costs can be avoided.

Engineering Services

At Angst+Pfister, you will be epxertly served, whether it is with technical advice or the solution of complex tasks - even in technical and material-specific areas. The reliability of a seal is our top priority. In addition, we do our best to always find the economically optimal solution.

Punching and cutting service

Thanks to our own punching shop, equipped with the most modern and efficient automatic punching machines as well as high-frequency cutters and CNC water-jet cutting machines, every customer-specific seal contour can be produced and delivered in the shortest possible time. When it comes to fulfilling your wishes, flexibility is a top priority for us at Angst+Pfister. Flat gaskets are manufactured quickly and precisely from all common materials on the basis of drawings or samples. Based on our well-founded expertise and many years of know-how, we select the most economical production method for each order. State-of-the-art program-controlled processing machines guarantee true to size and angle plate cuts. On request, we supply all dimensions in small to large series. Whether punching, cutting, turning or drilling - we always  implement customer specifications in a first-class manner.

Examples of applications

Flat gaskets are mainly used for the static sealing of flanges, containers, housings or covers. Special sealing materials and seal types are constantly being developed and optimised. Our innovative range of flat gaskets covers all customer requirements.



  • Mechanical and equipment engineering
  • Sanitary and plumbing technology
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Heating technology
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratory industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Refineries
  • Nuclear power plants and refrigerating plants

Product List

Product Image Description Technical data Features Key applications  Order
      Temperature range (°C) Pressure rating Chemical resistance Elasticity Resilience Gas impermeability Resistance to
hot water
and steam
 Mechanical and equipment engineering Sanitary and plumbing technology Food & beverage industry Chemical industry Heating technology Pharmaceutical and laboratory industry  Petrochemistry Refineries Nuclear power plants and refrigerating plants  
Elastomers Angst+Pfister stocks a very balanced inventory of elastomer sealing plates. We supply calendered and compression-molded roll stock and plate stock, from which we punch flat gaskets that perform superbly as low-pressure seals. The pressure fluids or gases determine the choice of material. -60 to +315 ≤ 2 Mpa 2/3 1 3 2/3 2/3 2/3 x x x              
Fiber Composites The newest generation of fiber-composite materials further optimizes sealing properties. Graphite-filled high-pressure gaskets reinforced with KEVLAR® pulp and with a low binder concentration have proven themselves exceptionally well. A surface coating on both sides provides an anti-sticking effect. -100 to +360 ≤ 20 Mpa 2 2 1/2 1/2 1 1 x x x x x          
PTFE There is an extremely varied array of application possibilities for PTFE flat gaskets. Thanks to their universal chemical resistance and wide deployment temperature range, sealing elements made from this material have proven themselves over and over again. -240 to +270 ≤ 10 Mpa 1 2/3 2/3 1 2 2/3 x   x x   x x      
Graphite Near-universal chemical resistance combined with extraordinary physical properties makes the flexible graphite material the ultimate problem-solver in the area of sealing technology. -240 to +500 ≤ 40 Mpa 1 1/2 2 2 1 2 x     x     x x x  

1 = very good
2 = good
3 = moderate
4 = poor


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