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Food and Beverage Industry

Increasingly demanding requirements regarding regulations and efficiency to be met in various applications in the food and beverage industry call for high-quality products, comprehensive engineering solutions, innovative capabilities and an insightful understanding of our customers’ needs. 
Angst+Pfister offers all this and more. With over 60 years of experience in serving the leading manufacturers and operators within the food & beverage industry, we know exactly what is important to you! 

We solve the complexity of the food regulation jungle

More and more global customers require the industry-specific approvals of all major markets to avoid proliferation of numerous country-specific solutions. Just to mention a few, Angst+Pfister covers all the most important approvals such as EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and GMP 2023/2006 for Europe, FDA CFR 21 and NSF 51 for the USA, GB 9685-2016 for China, Food sanitation Art. no. 233 for Japan, as well GMC/Res no. 03/92 and GMC/Res no. 32/07 for the MERCORSUR area. 


Sealing components for a competitive edge

Especially in the area of sealing solutions for food and beverage applications, our deep knowledge and expertise in ultra-high performance materials helps to solve the problems of our customers and give them strategic advantages in the market. For instance, aseptic processes and hygiene can play an outstanding role, however, they are not the only important requirements that can be fulfilled through pure materials and applying hygienic design principles. The sealing material must withstand processes such as Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) with hot steam, or Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) with cleaning media. Often-times, exceptional mechanical capabilities are also essential.

The case of coffee machines – no sealing requirements too tough

Facing many of the same challenges as in the rest of the food and beverage industry, coffee machines provide a showcase for the type of requirements placed on manufacturers of especially sealing solutions. 

There are two different environments within a professional and/or large domestic coffee machine which influence the selection of the right sealing compound: 


1. Cold water cycle:

Water is pumped out from the water tank, passing through a flow-meter regulating the amount needed for the desired type of coffee. Water is then brought up to temperature by a heating device, thus starting the next phase.

Requirements: Excellent performance compounds with a high grade of purity, providing a good price-to-performance ratio, with all main food and beverage approvals required in the most important markets.

2. Hot water cycle:

Water enters the brewing unit at a high pressure, passing through grounded coffee. Afterwards, the coffee spout guides brewed coffee into a coffee cup.

Requirements: Top performance compounds with good mechanical resistance, low friction coefficient & very good water and steam resistance. Approvals for food and beverage in the main markets are also a must.

Red coffee machine with brewing unit, connectors, diaphragm regulator, drainage valve and pump

PERTEC® high-performance compounds for coffee machines

The PERTEC® product range proves that it is possible to meet all requirements without making any compromises or shortcuts while reducing costs by making production processes more efficient, increasing maintenance intervals and reducing complexity driven by the use of different compounds according to the desired performance and/or regulatory compliance.

PERTEC® features: 

  • Broad chemical resistance over a wide range of aggressive liquids
  • Very good ozone-, weather-, age- and oxygen-resistance, also against mineral oils and greases  
  • Low gas permeability
  • Temperature resistance from -60°C up to +200°C 
  • Almost all important approvals for the chemical, oil, gas, food and water industries
European Hygienic Engineering Design Group (EHEDG) logo on transparent background

Approvals and conformities

Angst+Pfister is not only an expert when it comes to understanding the regulatory jungle and incorporating mechanical and chemical requirements into its components, but is also a member of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), a non-governmental organization devoted to the advancement of hygienic design and food engineering. 

Especially in the area of sealing solutions, we always strive to meet the highest hygienic design standards in order to enable safe food production, to minimize hygienic risks and to comply with the growing number of dietary constraints and changing consumption habits.

Find below a list of approvals and conformities we can offer to you!

3-A Sanitary Standard Number 18-03 Class I GB 9685-2016
ADI free GB 4806.11-2016
BfR XV (Silicone) GMC/RES. No 28/99
D.M. 21/03/1973 KIWA NSF/ANSI 51 formulation
DPR 777/82 KTW Guideline cold water (23°C) and hot water (85°C)
DVGW EN 549 D2/H3 LFGB § 30/31
DVGW W 270 PAH Category 1 (AfPS GS 2014:01)
EC 1935/2004 article 3 PAHs requirements according Regulation (EU) No 1272/2013
FDA - CFR 21 - 177.2600 food a) - f) Phthalate free
French Arrete 17.12.92 No. 293 (migration test) SR 817.023.21
GB 4806.1-2016 USP Class VI Chapter 87 and Chapter 88, 121°C


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