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Member of the Month September 2023 – Angst+Pfister AG

Sep 01, 2023 00:00Alexander Scholer, Switzerland Global Enterprise
Angst+Pfister Group, headquartered in Zurich, is a globally operating enterprise with wholly owned subsidiaries and presence across Europe, Asia and the US, that engineers and produces innovative industrial components. Angst+Pfister continuously innovates components for the benefit of many companies, based on innovation along the whole value chain, from material design and compounding, to engineering, production and supply chain management.

Angst+Pfister has in-depth application knowledge of elastomer materials and offers customized solutions and high-tech components for a wide range of industries. Customers benefit from in-depth know-how in the areas of O-rings, molded parts, rotary and linear seals, elastomer compounds and anti-vibration solutions. In addition, many years of experience in Engineering Plastics, Mechanical Drive, Fluid Handling and Sensors and Power Solutions round off the Group's expertise. This is made possible by the development of state-of-the-art technologies driven by more than 300 engineers in research and development centers in Italy, Turkey, Denmark and Switzerland.

Christof Domeisen, CEO Angst+Pfister AG reveals to us in an interview: "We continue to grow, expand our know-how and work on innovations, e.g. in the field of sensor materials, while at the same time pursuing sustainable and responsible business practices to ensure the long-term success of our group. Passion for what we do every day, global teamwork, and an open and inclusive culture enable us to strengthen our position in the market and thus that of our customers and partners."

Questions for Christof Domeisen, CEO of Angst+Pfister AG:

What is your vision for your company?

Angst+Pfister is a global company with an entrepreneurial culture and very lean and independent processes. This allows us to act fast, be agile and always provide innovative solutions while utilizing synergy effects and benefitting from the expertise of the whole Group.
On top of this we have developed a network around the globe that allows us to access the best and most suitable material, engineering and production partners worldwide. 


In your view, which countries have the greatest (export) potential?

Since we operate globally, it is not easy to define what is local business and what is export. Our core business focuses around the 3 regions Europe, Asia and the US. We strongly believe that the Chinese market holds much more potential for us, we are also expanding our footprint in further Asian markets, and last but not least, we have plans to further exploit the US market.

What are your next steps in terms of internationalization?

In a world even more complex, customers need to rely even more on partners that can bring them innovation and expertise. Specialization and customization are driving forces in the global context and in the constant strive to develop new high-tech solutions. Despite what we read on newspapers, supply chain has never been more globalised than now and also through digital communications the knowledge is spread around the globe. But I still believe that personal relationships are making the difference to ensure reliable and beneficial collaborations. Since the beginning of Angst+Pfister, we always had the ambition to build strong relationships with all the players in our business area while continuing to position us in the global market.

Which product/service/company achievement are you particularly proud of?

At Angst+Pfister we are led by trust - we believe in developing our people, grow jointly, continuously improve and step up our competences. Hence, we can rely on committed and specialized colleagues in different functions and locations worldwide. Having such dedicated teams inspires me and allows us as a Group to always keep the customer in the focus of everything we do.

How can S-GE support your company? What are the challenges you’re currently facing?

We are member of S-GE because we value the possibility to exchange on challenges and solutions with our fellow campaigners. S-GE has an established network and profound know-how we can benefit from during the continuous internationalization process of Angst+Pfister.

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