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Exceptional properties - numerous approvals: The PERTEC® family produced by Angst+Pfister is known for its high-performance materials. Thanks to years of expertise and in-house compounds, Angst+Pfister is one of the leading sealing specialists in the process industry. Angst+Pfister has also developed new elastomers for exceptionally challenging conditions that have also been issued with all the certifications required by the world markets with one single material.


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The demands on components in the process industry are changing rapidly: Seals such as O-rings or elastomericvalve seats have to withstand extreme conditions, and the operational safety in plants must be guaranteed. At the same time, the seals must comply with ever more stringent regulations that, in turn, restrict their composition and consequently impact their capabilities. Therefore, Angst+Pfister has made compounding one of its key engineering competencies and has also established strategic alliances with other leading companies. Angst+Pfister recognized the significance of compounding many years ago and today draws on its extensive experience - for the benefit of customers.

Extensive catalogue of formulas

If you are going to survive in competitive industries, you need to be confident that your operating facilities are fully functional. This makes the longevity of the machines a mandatory requirement in preventing production downtimes and sales losses. The service life of a machine is largely determined by the quality of its components, and seals are crucial. Angst+Pfister constantly develops its materials to adapt its performance to new production conditions and market requirements.



Making elastomers for seals is a skillful and precise science. An exact combination of polymers and additives along with the correct kneading time generates the required physical properties and performance. Angst+Pfister's expertise also ensures that the raw materials selected guarantee good flow properties during casting and pressing, thereby minimizing waste. Well-engineered development, production, and logistics competencies as well as a comprehensive collection of in-house elastomer formulas guarantee efficient and effective solutions for customers. These materials are quite rightly known as high-performance elastomers.

An eye on international markets

With PERTEC®, Angst+Pfister has developed a generation of high-performance elastomers that suit a range of industries and applications, boast excellent material qualities, and are stamped with all the required approvals. The PERTEC® family continues to grow. Angst+Pfister is continually identifying new market segments where high-performance compounds would achieve significant improvements while always keeping the total cost in mind. Angst+Pfister also closely observes its customers' markets when it comes to certification - a complex and dynamic world. The components Angst+Pfister makes for the processing industry often unite all current and important certifications in one material.

The current PERTEC® Range

Current developments

PERTEC® UP EPDM 70.503-04 is a black Shore 70 compound for O-rings and technical moldings with outstanding mechanical and thermal properties. UP stands for Ultra Pure. The formula for the high-purity material is compliant with all major positive lists of the food and beverage markets in America, South America, China, and Europe.

HITEC® DW EPDM fulfills virtually all worldwide drinking water regulations (DW stands for Drinking Water). This high-performance material was specially developed for the drinking water conditions of the future. It is suitable for O-rings and complex molded parts that retain good mechanical properties at -57°C, just as they do in steam heated to +150°C - in static and dynamic applications. The material is resistant to degradation in contact with copper or brass.


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published: Nov 23, 2022, 4:11:00 AM  by: Angst+Pfister Group