New look, new features

The new style APSOparts with additional functions will be impressive. However, the features that made the online shop such a success in the first place will stay the same: the leading range of superior components coupled with the efficient back office – and on request, the expertise of the Angst+Pfister engineers.

Angst+Pfister has been selling a standard range of over 100,000 products from its own standalone shop APSOparts for about twelve years – in the digital world that counts as more than one lifetime. Over 17,000 customers worldwide value the simple and efficient logistics with round- the-clock ordering, attractive terms as well as the configurator tool for an easy cut-to- size order option for components.

“Nowadays, online channels are run alongside classic direct sales in most industries and expand the customer approach. The successful operations are those that offer a standalone, user- friendly and functional alternative,” says Rainer Senn, Head of Marketing and Customer Services of APSOparts. In order to build on established success, APSOparts undergoes a complete make- over – not only with a new design, but also an uplift of the technical features (see box). “We are really looking forward to a new era of working with our customers,” reports Rainer Senn.



«Nowadays, online channels are run alongside classic direct sales in most industries and expand the customer approach.»

Rainer Senn, Head of Marketing and Customer Services APSOparts


Extensive high-quality range

The relaunch will consolidate APSOparts’ market position as a top manufacturer of semi-processed plastics. The corner  stone for this continues to be efficient supply chain management. APSOparts processes annually over 100,000 orders in Embrach near Zurich, Switzerland. The semi-processed goods are shipped from there to customers almost exclusively as cut-to-size orders or complete rods or plates. “Thanks to a new cut-to-size machine, in the autumn of 2021 we will be taking process efficiency to the next level,” says Rainer Senn with pleasure.

In addition to the semi-processed goods there is an exceptional range of sealing technology products on offer – in collaboration with suppliers and the in-house products. Availability and stock-levels are constantly adjusted to suit market and customer requirements. “We are in a position to react quickly and flexibly,” says Rainer Senn. This applies equally to products with or without certification. When a consultation is required regarding materials, applications or design, the project is forwarded right away to Angst+Pfister specialists. The range is augmented with high-quality standard products for fluid, antivibration and drive technologies.

Professional support

The extensive range makes APSOparts a versatile and valued partner for C-parts management. Another success factor is the professional, multilingual back office that for many years has handled all sorts of customer concerns and input. “Specialist staff and quality products have been the winning formular for the success of APSOparts,” says Rainer Senn. And that is going to stay just as it is.
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published: Feb 4, 2021, 10:38:00 AM  by: Angst+Pfister Group