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Our engineering solutions are dedicated to shaping the future of everyday life across a wide range of industries.


At Angst+Pister, we specialize in creating innovative solutions that not only improve end products but also contribute to a safer environment. Our commitment goes beyond mere functionality - we add value for our customers and optimize processes, ensuring a harmonious blend of technology and sustainability. Explore a world where cutting-edge engineering meets real-world impact. 

Material design and compounding 

We are there for you during the whole material design process, supporting you with our vast compounding knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Selection of high-grade raw elastomeric materials 
  • Selection of additives  
  • Assessment of mechanical parameters 
  • Mechanical tests 
  • Compound production 
  • Laboratory tests 
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Engineering, development, and testing 

We are there for you during the whole engineering process, supporting you with our vast expertise in the following areas: 

  • Testing and certificates 
  • Engineering assessment 
  • Tailor-made customer solutions  
  • Prototyping and samples 
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