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The vibrations generated by machines and plants are disturbing in many areas and sometimes even dangerous to health. When designing a system, however, this can be considerably counteracted by integrating the most suitable insulation element in the initial phase. 

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The right choice from the start

Angst+Pfister is a recognized specialist for antivibration solutions. With outstanding application know-how and a wide range of components, we can provide a cost-optimal solution to any challenge – be it with a product of our broad standard assortment or with a customer-specific solution. The wide product range of antivibration elements extends from a simple round buffer to high-deflection mounts. In some cases, vibrations can even be the main cause of serious damage. By making the right choice during the development phase, it is possible to significantly reduce costs, stagger maintenance and increase the lifetime of an application. Our products comply with the EU fire protection standard EN45545.


We know your industry

Over the past few years, Angst+Pfister has designed and carried out several hundred different “high-efficiency” solutions for a wide range of applications such as the suspension and insulation of engines and cabins within construction and agriculture machines, tractors and special vehicles, generators, compressors, HVAC, wind turbines, railway bogies, bus suspension, as well as floating floors for trains and tramways.

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APSOvib® – A vast range of antivibration elements and extensive know-how

The APSOvib® name stands for cost-optimized customized solutions for any antivibration technology challenge, backed by our outstanding application know-how and our huge APSOvib® range of antivibration elements. We masterfully solve even highly specialized problems such as in applications in connection with agricultural and construction machinery, special vehicles, trucks and trailers, railway, generators and compressors as well as HVAC.

Solutions to eliminate vibrations

Depending on their intensity, mechanical vibrations, solid borne noises and shocks all disturb the environment. They may be caused by various factors such as mechanical movements, aerodynamic influences or vibrations caused by inappropriate processing methods. Even if, ideally, undesirable disturbance should be eliminated at the source, it is not always possible. When a fault arises in a mobile or static application, the engineers must establish if it is possible to prevent the emission of vibrations.

Generally speaking, a distinction is made between the three types of vibration reduction listed below. Angst+Pfister can provide solutions for many applications, especially in the domain of active isolation.

Vibration reduction types

In the case of active insulation, the vibrations are insulated at the source using appropriate antivibration elements to prevent disturbance from being transmitted to the whole environment. To succeed in this action the following factors must be taken into consideration: the disturbing frequency, the structure of the machine, the position of its centre of gravity, the oscillation amplitude, accelerations, the mass and the place where it is installed.

In passive isolation delicate applications such as entire buildings, nuclear power stations, sound studios, laboratories and sensitive devices such as weighing machines and measuring devices are shielded from vibrations, shocks and oscillations by suitable isolating elements, isolating panels, air cushions, etc.

When eliminating vibrations, a disturbance is almost eliminated by producing a vibration with opposing direction and force. This principle can, however, only be applied in the case of single and sinusoidal oscillations. The element adopted for eliminating vibration is used in structures such as combustion engines, tooling machines, etc.

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