APSOfluid® Fluid Handling Technology

From simple hoses to ready-to-install conduit systems

Our Fluid Handling Technology Products

The name APSOfluid® represents a high application know-how, accompanied by cross-assortment engineering, and offers targeted solutions for almost every fluid technology application. 

A good price-performance ratio characterizes the extensive APSOfluid® range, which – thanks to international procurement logistics – extends from standard products to highly specific components. Exemplary C-parts management and the ability to assemble even complex customer-specific components ready-for-installation in our own workshops guarantee the shortest delivery times.

With APSOfluid® Fluid Handling Technology, Angst+Pfister offers a very wide and deep range of hoses, fittings, hose lines, compensators and pneumatic components as well as complete controls or control units for almost all applications in various industries. The APSOfluid® Fluid Handling Technology-team has many years of experience in working with customers and partners as well as in problem solving and can offer our customers safe and efficient solutions for every application.

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Our hose line solutions – the flexible alternative to pipes

In general, a hose line consists of the main components hose, fittings and seals. In contrast to plastic or metal pipes, hoses are very flexible and light. In many cases, they serve as hose lines for the transport of solid, liquid and gaseous substances when pipes cannot be used for physical or economic reasons, for example at mobile points of departure and destination, in hard-to-reach places or when pipes are too heavy or too expensive. Hoses are also used as protective sheathing, insulation or thermal insulation.


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Since hoses are exposed to mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical stresses, hoses must remain flexible, must not contract or expand, become brittle or soften and must be resistant to chemical influences. The requirements and operating conditions of various industries can vary greatly. In order to guarantee operational safety, avoid expensive downtimes, and keep overall operating costs (purchase, maintenance and replacement costs) low, a hose must be carefully and correctly selected. In addition to these operating conditions, every industry has certain standards, guidelines, approvals and certificates that a hose must meet.


Our range of hoses – the right choice for every application

To make it easier for you to select the best hose for your applications, our hoses are divided into the following main groups: corrugated metal hoses (ASSIWELL®), hoses without insert (FLEXILON®), industrial hoses (chemical, pharmaceutical and food hose), hydraulic hoses, hoses for agriculture, construction industry and universal hoses, hoses for mineral oil and gas as well as laboratory hoses. In order to be sure to design a correct hose line with suitable fittings for your company, we offer qualified advice. Just contact us!

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