Oil and Gas Industry 

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Oil and Gas Industry

In the often demanding environment of applications in the oil and gas industry, machines are exposed to extreme conditions such as aggressive chemicals like harsh mixtures of hydrocarbons even sulfonated, superheated steam, H2S, CO2, methane, amine based corrosion inhibitors, high pressure and temperatures well below 0°C and over +200°C. Therefore safety and reliability are fundamental requirements.


Angst+Pfister offers incomprehensive solutions based on a wide range of products and services to meet the challenges of

  • chemical resistance
  • outstanding physical properties
  • elasticity in a wide range of temperatures
  • resistance against explosive decompression (AED)

for Upstream (flow of crude oil and natural gas), Midstream (transportation and storage from sources to markets) and Downstream (processing and distribution of refined products and natural gas) applications.


Demanding environments require modern problem-solving

Utilizing state-of-the-art engineering equipment and testing methods, Angst+Pfister is also a premium design partner: Efficient prototyping, streamlined series production and global supply chain solutions ensure new products are quickly brought to market.
The Angst+Pfister Research & Development Department located directly next to the main production site collaborates closely with customers on every phase of the project – from the first prototyping steps using Computer Aided Design (CAD), through Finite Element Method (FEM) and Virtual Design Engineering, to function checks that are carried out on specific, ultra-modern testing benches. 


 The full-service procedure offers: 

  • In-house development of application related and application-oriented compounds (also with fire protection) 
  • FEM simulation of rubber-metal components
  • Design optimization
  • New developments
  • Design, manufacture and simulation of tools and moulds 
  • Surface treatments as corrosion protection
  • Vulcanization process and corresponding application of adhesion promoter
  • Refinement and finishing (surface treatment, calibration, deburring and final inspection) 
  • Assembly and logistics

This procedure ensures exact measurement of product behaviour both during and after manufacture. Each manufactured component receives a designated quality inspection according to a defined process flow chart. 

If you want to learn more, visit MCM and OL Seals – our specialists in the area of petrochemicals!

Find below a list of approvals and conformities we can offer to you!

Norsok M-710 rev 2 (Oct 2001), now available rev.3 (Oct 2014) API 622
Norsok M-630 rev. 6 (2013) ISO 5208 
ISO 23936-2 API 6A
ISO 15848-1 low fugitive emissions regulations API 6D
NACE TM 187(1998) BS 6364 : cryogenic valves 
NACE MR175- ISO 15156 VDI2440


Our services

Material Design & Compounding

From the selection to the development, testing and certification of state-of-the art high-performance materials

Engineering, Development & Testing

Customized solutions developed starting from deep knowledge of technical specifications and adopting state-of-the-art technology

Production & Customization

Global selection of the most efficient production capabilities, taking into consideration process efficiency, total costs and sustainability

Worldwide Support & Distribution

Serving customers with ​technical local presence ​across 3 continents and leveraging on a ​digital supply chain across the globe

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